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The Latest Trend in Website Development in India

Technology is one that thing which is uncontrollable; everything seems to get old after each passing day. Today, market is getting stiff competition from different experienced developers. One has to be on his toes to actually cope up with the latest hurdles in the market.
Now it’s the year 2017, much of the innovation has taken place from last year. There are new frameworks, powerful development tools which are used by developers.
In this article, we will tell about few latest trends which are running high in market and must be used by every developer to survive in industry.

  • User Interface or UI

Due to the emergence of smart phones, which has the major share in market; providing a great User Experience over this platform should be our first priority. Nowadays the developer has taken it to a new level with more responsive feature on the website. They introduced new features like touch enabled websites that make complete use of touch gestures. One should make all the visual content logos, banners or images fit for the responsive design.

  • Hamburgers are must

In the new age trend, one of the key additions to the websites is this hamburger menu. Basically, emergence of mobile responsiveness, derived this feature, which is very suitable feasible for users. When user lands on the site across smaller screens, site navigation gets hidden under a single menu on the extreme left or right of screen and remains hidden until the user clicks it. This helps in managing the information as well as white spaces and the user doesn’t get flooded with unnecessary stuff which makes them stick on what they were searching for.

  • Block the ads

Advertisement blocking plug-in caused a negative effect on the developers of all around the world. Website owners are losing money through this, as the advertisements that display on the site is the only source of revenue. In the latest trend, developers are adapting new design to counter this plug-in and doing their best to minimize the effect of ad blocking. Now many of the sites are coming up with innovative ways of showing advertisements to their users.

  • Videos and GIF’s

These are not new age-technology; user is seeing this from long back on the sites but, a new turn on the basic has emerged. Many of the social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram has come with the idea of live videos and short videos, which are highly persuasive and everyone just loves it. The feature is now also used by many different sites for customer related service. This is actually good way to communicate with user because one gets attract to visual content like photos and videos more than texts.

  • Internet of things (IoT)

Undoubtedly, the biggest trend in website development in recent times is IoT. It just has taken over from computers to smart phones. It is a system of systems connected to each other through a central cloud that facilitates sharing of data between these systems. At this time we can see IoT on the electronic home appliances; one could control its AC, heater, TV from mobile phones. But, this great feature comes with maximum vulnerability of hacking, so one should keep up the security concerns before opting for this trend.
Across the globe India is known for its IT efficiency. Many of foreign investors and entrepreneurs hire a website development company in India, for their services. One could get the best deal from these companies and also the quality of work is of top class.

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