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In early 2013, David Barcomb, leader & senior Wealth Management Advisor of Merrill Lynch Wealth Management Inc. in MA is being offered with the honorable position of Managing Director in Barcomb group. This knowledgeable personality in the areas of portfolio management, estate management and investment planning has been in this industry for over 21 years and quite acknowledged in the corporate business world. Among the major 20, $500 Billion AUM possessing Asset Management companies, as of now Merrill Lynch is considered in the leaders position. In its holding, it has a new worth of Asset under Management for more than $571 Billion which demonstrates the market potential and its grip in Asset Management Consultancy market in the US.
Prior to joining Merrill Group, David Barcomb was the vice president of another major house USB Wealth Management Group. His responsibilities in USB’s were relatively of same nature while in Merrill he is now operating in comprehensive area including asset management, estate planning and distribution management, analysis of potential risk factors and in finding out great solution base. In a market analysis it has been found that in the midst of heading wealth management consultancy firms, Merrill is one of the few that specializes in custom based portfolio management solutions. And, primarily that is the key of its great success story and of having a long listed satisfied clientele in US investment market.   
David is not only a registered Investment Adviser Representative but also licensed as Broker-Dealer Representative which, in fact, offered him larger area to operate as a financial consultant. He is also a federally authorized to purchase or sell securities and provide clients in connection with investment related issues. Meanwhile, David Barcomb has been successfully developed a top notch team of professionals from asset management industries to bring forth a next general platform for people or corporate to enrich with 100% protected wealth management solutions and advisory.
The folks of Merrill Lynch Group are now fully geared up to offer fully personalized solutions after taking into account all kinds of potential risk and unforeseen issues to shield investment. According to David Barcomb that whilst being in the role of a portfolio manager as well director he personally feels that it’s his responsibility to develop the correct mix of investment categories with a view to optimize gain or yield of an investor even after countering all risk issues closely tied with investments to stocks, securities or bonds etc. the quick liquidation, consideration of risk tolerance of an investor is quite crucial.
No matter whether the client is a retired citizen of a corporate business house, these major issues should always be cared for and that is how; his team is constructed. The client base of Merrill Lynch is about to knock the level of 9 million. David graduated from the famed Trinity College. His subjects of specializations were Economics, Political Science and History. His first employment was with Smith Barney and from the very first job his dedication, super expertise and innovative ideas made him victorious and a loveable employee to his employers. He became the VP of Smith and later he joined USB Global. 

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