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The Beauty Of Black And Mild Cigar: Brief History Of A Classic Cigar

From the stable of John Middleton’s comes the classic black and mild filter tip cigar which is made out of the pipes of tobacco, a tradition that would sound pretty odd to a layperson but not to the makers. And the beauty of the cigars comes from this tradition.
With the origin traced back to Philadelphia in 1856, MJ has a worldwide credible record of continuous progress of making the best pipe sort of tobaccos. With this impeccable record, the company would make something classic out their usual tradition of pipe tobacco.

And facts from record show that there has been a long time company coming for the company- as a matter of fact their achievement didn’t happen like a bolt in bloom. In fact, it they spent at least hundred years to build the reputation and to establish their tradition.
For the fact that the company was keen about it customers, it was able to figure out that a good number of folks were kind of geeky about having a taste of something new, something with great aroma, something with unique sort of flavour, something natural, something rope-a-dope. Then, it was during the first half of the 1960s- the old school days when fiddling, tamping and packing using a bowl was the drop-it-and-leave-alone thing.
That being the case, the company would make the black and mild cigar using a pipe tobacco to give the folks exactly what they wanted. At this point, John Middletown would face some stumbling blocks- good pipe tobaccos would be found here and there or better still in almost every part of the world.
Given the tropical climate of Central America, unlike some regions that would produce plants sparingly, it would produce bountifully with all plants having equal shapes and sizes. In this context, typically, cigar leaves would come from the region.
As aforementioned, different regions would produce pipe tobaccos. Climate conditions, soil types and textures and other environmental factors do not affect the production of a pipe tobacco. For that, the qualify from region to region is the same. On the other hand, those elements factor the production of leaves.
Plant strength, texture, thickness and taste would vary from region to region. In this case, coming with something classic to quench the burning desire of smokers to try out something unique would make the company’s hair stand on it’s end, though they took the bull by the horn. The company employed the trial-and-error approach. After several trials and errors, they were able to make a unique blend with good flavor- the mild and black cigar that every smoker or potential smoker is always craving for today.

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