Some Interesting Facts About Spanish Language

The world is a culturally diverse place; there are people all over the world with varieties in language, traditions, culture and a lot of other ways. However, as we move towards building more civilized planet and life better with technological advances we also have made significant process in communication which has brought the world together. English does acts as an official medium for people who speak different languages to understand each other but it is not always that everyone can speak English which means translation is necessary in many matters. One of the most spoken languages in the world in Spanish and whether in business, projects, travel or other jobs you will feel the need of Spanish translation. Spanish is an old and interesting language in itself. Today here we present some really interesting facts about Spanish language you might not have heard before.
Spanish translation
Some interesting facts about Spanish Language:
  1. Spanish language is used by half a billion (500 million) people): Spanish is widely spoken all over the world and is expected to reach 600 million numbers of speakers by 2050.
  2. It is in second place for most studied language in the world: People from all over the world learn Spanish as second language. For business and different other purposes translation English to Spanish services are quite sought after.
  3. Spanish has Latin and Arabic influences: unusual but true, Spanish language have a lot of Latin influences and in second place comes Arabic influences.
  4. Largest number of Spanish speakers in Mexico: Mexico has the largest number Spanish speaking people, 114 million people speak Spanish in Mexico, and the second place is bagged by US with 50 million Spanish speakers. Spanish translation is also one of the most done translations in the world.
  5. Spanish operates has official language for 22 countries: this is the second largest of native languages in the world, second most used language in international communication and third most popularly used language in the internet. It is also the official language of 22 different countries.

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