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Most people who love traveling hold a desire of chronicling their journey offering a detailed insight about the experience they have had. So, what’s keeping them away from giving shape to their dreams? Most often, it is seen that it is nothing, but inhibition of who would read the blog or whether he/she would be able to pen down the experience well that keeps them away from penning down their thoughts and sharing experience with others. Adding to this, there is the belief that maintaining a blog is not easy and you need to regularly update it to hold on to the attention of readers.

Travel Blogs

Well, to begin with blogging certainly has challenges, but if you are passionate about it, then the road is not hard as it seems. What you need to be concerned about is being original and real. Louis Habash, a well-acclaimed travel writer believes that nothing supercedes originality. Therefore, make sure to have a focused approach while chronicling the journey. Blogging is certainly about adopting a personalized approach, but remember your blog is likely to be read by others , so don’t keep the approach is too personalized. This might make the blog lose its entire essence.

Blogging has emerged as a great way of sharing your story or experiences with others. What you need to remember is to market your blog well on social media. The more you will be marketing the same, the more you would draw attention towards your blog. Sharing your own perspective through the blog is certainly recommended, but avoid being too personal. The catch lies in understanding the reader’s perspective. Once you get to hit the right chord, half the battle is won. Remember what you are here for! If you would like to enlighten other travelers about a particular destination, then you should keep a straightforward approach.

On the other hand, if you are just blogging to share your own experience about a particular trip or destination, the you can keep a casual approach while writing the blog. Louis Habash believes that knowing the main aim behind blogging plays the trick in garnering attention of others. So, be very sure about the approach you would like to follow and don’t end up mixing the same. What you should understand is that a travelogue serves a different purpose than a travel blog. The key to having a successful travel blog lies in having a focused approach and keeping it simple. Using fancy words, complicated sentences won’t help you get what yu want. If you are blogging; do it right!

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