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Why So Many UK Guys Ride A Big Bike In The Summer

It is no secret that around April or May, many UK motorists swap their 4 wheels for two and enjoy a few months of high-speed adventure and who can blame them? We have some lovely roads in the UK guys and whether you’re into bike or car racing, there are some great meetings that you can enjoy; many couples take to camping while touring on the bike, which is one of the cheapest holidays you can get.

The reasons why big bikes are so popular in the summer months include the following.

  • Freedom & Independence – The freedom and independence you enjoy when you ride a big bike makes it all worthwhile; with a little online research, you can book campsites, hostels or inns and plan your route. Traffic jams are a thing of the past when you ride a big bike and there are some serious queues in the high season at tourist-friendly areas, which you can ride past! When you have a few free days coming up, you can literally put a pin on the map, pack your gear and ride off into the sunset. While many people like to plan their bike touring trips, others prefer to head off into one particular direction and see what occurs; it is often the case where amazing things happen when you don’t have a travel plan.
  • Adventure Touring – Those long weekend, summer bank holidays are perfect for getting away from it all on your big touring bike, which you can buy from Wheels Motorcycles in Peterborough, who have new and used machines, with low-interest finance. Of course, riding a big bike requires that you have a class A licence, which you can get within 2 years of applying for a provisional bike licence. The UK government is not going to allow a novice rider to climb on a 200 hp superbike, which would be a recipe for disaster. You need to start with a 125cc model and after passing theory and practical tests, you can obtain the coveted class A licence that allows you to ride any bike. Choosing the ultimate touring bike is not to be rushed; the major bike manufacturers such as Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Suzuki all have turing machines and with online solutions, you can easily book test rides, plus you should watch all the YouTube reviews on the popular models.
  • Low-Cost Motoring – When you compare the cost of riding a bike to driving a car, it is a no-brainer; not only is fuel a lot cheaper, your road tax and insurance are also low when compared to a car. When combined with camping, bike touring costs next to nothing, which is one of the reasons people turn to two wheels in the summer. Click here for essential gadgets for a long touring trip.
  • Easy Parking – It is much easier to find parking for two wheels than four, which is yet another benefit to switching to a bike, which kind of comes into its own when you are heading for Devon & Cornwall in June or July. Riding in the city means you no longer have to factor in parking, as bikes can park just about anywhere.
  • Speed & Exhilaration – While a smaller motorcycle isn’t special power wise, once you move into the 750cc range, you have a ton of raw power at your disposal and there’s nothing quite like the feeling of 0-60 in a couple of seconds. A nice open road is very tempting, although be aware that there are speed traps set up, specifically looking for speeding motorcycles. Of course, you should enrol in a basic safe riding course once you have your licence, as this will help you acquire the skills you need to control the bike on a range of surfaces. The latest generation of superbikes offer superb handling and riding through country roads takes on a whole new meaning when on a powerful motorcycle.
  • Group Riding – As you would expect, there are many Facebook groups that consist of riders who like to connect with other like-minded riders and you can quickly become established within their community. Riding in a group is a different experience and there are a few downsides; you can’t just up and leave whenever the feeling takes you and you won’t cover the same long distances that you could make riding alone. Having said that, there are many benefits to riding with other bikers, especially when you break down or run into any difficulties.
  • Off-Road Experiences – Some riders are into off-road riding, which incorporates a range of skills and for those who crave adventure, off-road trails are challenging and very enjoyable. The great thing about owning an enduro-type machine is that you can ride it on or off-road and if you are the adventurous solo traveller, you can plan some awesome expeditions to natural regions.

Essential Accessories

If you have caught the cycling bug, you will need to get the right protective gear for riding, which should include the following:

  • Decent quality full-face crash helmet.
  • Leather motorcycle jacket.
  • Leather riding trousers.
  • Motorcycle gloves.
  • Motorcycle boots with ankle support.

We recommend booking a basic motorcycle riding course, which would be a half-day program and this will help you acquire the skills to control the bike on dry and wet surfaces.

Legal Issues

Riding a big bike in the UK demands that you are street legal, which would include the following:

  • Valid driving licence – Click here for more driving licence information.
  • Comprehensive bike insurance – This can be sourced from the online auto insurance broker.
  • Road Tax – All vehicles on the UK roads must have valid road tax and the bike dealership would handle this. 

If your bike is older than 3 years, you will have to have the bike tested for roadworthiness, which involves checking the brakes, lights and tyres and this is an annual event.

If you start your biking preparation now, you should be ready for next summer, when you can find out what all the fuss is about.

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