Property In Dehradun At A High

Dehradun is one of the leading tier 2/3 cities in the northern part of India. The rising realty prices have meant that property in Dehradun and other tier 3 cities of India are in focus like never before.Here are the other reasons as to why property in Dehradun is at a high –

Owning a property in metros has almost become impossible

Property In Dehradun
The prices of home in metro cities of Delhi and Mumbai have touched new highs. The tier 2 cities ofNavi Mumbai, Thane, Gurgaon and Noida are not far behind and the average price of 2 BHK flats in these cities is anywhere between 60 to 80 lakh rupees. This means common men will first have to arrange for a down payment amount of nearly 15 lakh rupees to purchase a flat worth 60 lakh rupees. This is not all; the buyer will also need to procure a loan of 45 lakh rupees which translates to equated monthly installment of 45,000 INR. This is however easier said than done. There are certain preconditions that come associated with these loans including:

•    Requirement of net monthly income of nearly 75,000 INR plus

•    Long term commitment of EMI, usually in the range of 180 to 240 months.
•  Stress for a lifetime, especially for salaried individuals whose livings are dedicated by their respective jobs, etc.

Hence, increasingly large numbers of end users as well as investors are now looking at tier 2 and tier 3 cities like Dehradun. People these days can easily find some of the best properties in these upcoming cities on, a property website for masses.

Tier 3 cities have given excellent returns over the last 10 years

The other big reason as to why property in Dehradun has picked up big time is because the returns generated by these cities have exceeded all expectations. The prices of homes, lands, plots, apartments, bungalows and villas here have multiplied several times over the last decade.

Cost of living is comparatively lower

The scope of better standard of living at lower cost has resulted in more number of people settling down in cities like Dehradun. The biggest advantage here is that even if people earn salaries in the range of 20K per month, they can lead a comfortable life. This is not possible in bigger cities where a salary of 50K per month is also not sufficient to lead a decent life.

Offers predictable returns
The biggest advantage of owning a property in Dehradun is that the city offers predictable returns. Additionally, there is no issue of unsold inventory pilling up either. Here are the other benefits of owning a propertyin this city:
•    Serene environment with plenty of greenery around
•    Sound infrastructure facility
•    Excellent connectivity
•    Availability of well-known educational, healthcare and other facilities
•    Robust civic amenities
•    No issues related to administration or law and order
•    No visible realty frauds
•  Easy clearance from all departments including local corporation, water, electricity, and fire.
•    Lower property taxes
•    Easy availability of tenants, etc.

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