Panaji – The Capital City Of Goa And A Popular Tourist Destination

Panaji is the largest city and the capital of Goa. Housing a number of old baroque Portuguese buildings, revered churches, and beautiful avenues, it is also a perfect destination to spend some time before heading to the popular beach destinations of Goa. It is home to Baroque Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Church, which is one of the most elegant and revered churches in Goa. Visit the city to explore different aspects of it and pick from the best hotels in Panaji.

Panajim or Panaji is the capital of the Indian state of Goa acting as a major transit point for the tourists who are on their way to the popular destinations of Goa. Fondly called as the Land that does not flood, Panajim is the state’s largest city and a highly urbanized city. However interestingly, unlike the other bustling capital cities of major states in India, Panajim is an unhurried city; an attribute that it takes from the parent state. It is just a few kilometers away from the western coast of Goa and features terraced hills with a large number of old and new concrete buildings and houses with red tiled roofs. The place is marked by avenues that are perfect spots to relax and watch the life in action. There also exist some old churches, the most significant one being the Baroque Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Church, which is one of the revered churches in the country. It is a city that still oozes the old Portuguese charm, like rest of Goa, the place was under Portuguese rule for about 500 years.
Being the capital of the state and also the major commercial hub, Panajim can be easily accessed from any part of Goa. There is a large and extensive network of roads connecting the city to every nook and corner of the state. The Dabolim Airport, Goa’s chief and only international airport is about 30 kilometers away. It is a busy airport that remains occupied with flights connecting the city not just to Indian cities but also to the destinations around the globe. The two major railway stations of Goa, Margao and Vasco-da-Gama are also well-connected to the capital city. Taxis and auto rickshaws are easily available from outside the station. Besides, several hotels in Panaji also offer transportation facilities to the airport and railway station.
Panajim has always remained a significant part of Goa. Due to its strategic location, the Portuguese chose the city as their capital. Even after the independence of India it was the capital of Goa and Daman and Diu. Today, it is known for its administrative significance and the governmental bodies. Tourists usually see the place as the gateway to the popular beach destinations of Goa and simply pass by the city. However, it is an equally good thing to spend some time in the city, explore its attractions, then head to the popular Goan destinations. There are a couple of good tourist attractions and things to do that one can look forward to.
The Largo Da Igreja Church Square is a fine exhibition of the Portuguese Baroque style of architecture. It has been featured in number of movies, and is a stunning site consisting of a beautiful white church set in the midst of lush greenery. The church is simply one of the elegant and picture-perfect churches in the state. It features crisscrossing stairways leading to the aisle and a huge bell at the top right in the middle of two towers. The whole city is built surrounding the church with the church being the prime landmark.

The other popular monuments and sites of significance are: Mahalaxmi Temple, Chapel of St. Sebastian, Jama Masjid Mosque, Hanuman Mandir, Don Bosco Oratory, and Institute of Menezes Braganza. Kala Academy is yet another place that is often flocked with tourists. It is the best place in the city to explore and relish the art and culture of Goa. Plus, it is also a beautiful structure built by Charles Correa.
Panajim features a large bracket of good lodging options for the tourists to pick from. There are many hotels in 18th June Road which is a bustling market place. Cheap hotels in Panaji in particular are highly popular as they are easy on the wallet and offer a satisfactory stay.

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