Napa and exotic Leather used in Boconi bags and leathers

The baconi bags and leathers use high quality leathers for designing and manufacturing their products. They manufacture the products that include bags, wallets, shoes, laptop bags, belts, ted baker and many more. They also use leathers such as belting leather, oil pull leather, saddle leather, Napa leather and exotic leather. The exotic leather is made from the species like alligator, snake, ostrich and many other animals. 

Napa leather is leather which is typically dyed and made from kid, cow, calf lamp or other skin by tanning. It is noticed for its soft temper. It is a generic term in the leather fields and has no distinct test for characterization. Because of this ambiguity, this term is often used in advertising to imply that the leather has a soft hand. Among the other uses the Napa leather is often used in the leather products such as furniture, clothing, handbags and shoes. Napa leather may be either natural grain or it can be more likely corrected grain. 

Contrast with the term Nappa which is a term that is often used for synthetic, faux or fake leathers that always feels smooth and supple. Napa leather was first coined by the Emanuel Manasse. Napa tannage is a strict sense but a term which is no longer used in the frame work which refers to the tannage which always consist of alum salts with vegetable tanning agent. Napa gloves are made from the tawed leathers and tanned leathers. This leather is typically dyed black and it is known for its soft supple feel.

Exotic leather

Exotic leather is made of snake, alligator, ostrich and many animals. Snake skin is either referred as the shed skin of a living snake after mounting or a type of leather that are made from the hide of the dead snake. Snake skin is used for making the leather products such as vests, boots, belts or shoes or the fashion accessories such as handbags and it is also used to cover the sound board of some string musical instruments such as the banhu, sanxian or the sanshin.  

With the crocodile and the lizard leather it is considered under the category of the reptile leathers with the scaly appearance. The molting of the skin appears regularly when the old skin is outgrown. A shed skin is always much longer when compared to the snake that shed it, as the skin covers the top and bottom of the each scale. The ostrich leather is the result of tanning skin which is taken from the African ostrich farmed for their feathers, skin and meat. 

Ostrich leather is always unmistakable in its appearance; no matters how it looks similar to it. It is characterized by the points that are localized to the center of the hide. The passion of the Boconi draws off for years of experience in designing, marketing and merchandising. Their label reflects the fresh take on luxury. It is the America‚Äôs newest luxury leather brand with gorgeous leather, clever functioning and design and a timeless feel that is perfect for any life style. For more details refer:

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