Key Advantages of a Car Garage Sensor

A car garage sensor or a parking aid is quite useful especially when you have a small garage and a big expensive car that’s a tight squeeze. Parking is often the most important part of learning to drive and is not something that everyone excels at, in fact it is quite often that many people make it safely all the way home only to scratch their beloved ride while trying to pull off a rather complex parking job. Parking is often the time when we’re about to go home and hit the sack, it’s when we’ve had a long day, been through hours of traffic and have generally had enough. This is when mistakes normally happen since we are not at our most alert or conscious self and parking aids are really a blessing in such situations. A parking aid is a sensor placed in your garage that guides you to park exactly in the same spot everyday so you don’t have to get out of your car to make judgments or accidentally damage your car while closing the garage door.

The ultimate parking aid
 A lot of people find parking in small spaces challenging and after a few scratches this can become a mental block as well, which can be quite troublesome. With the “Parking-Aid car garage parking sensor, an adjustable and programmable motion-activated wireless parking assistant”is available on You can now park your car quickly and effortlessly without losing any of your car’s shiny paint in the bargain. This is the only wireless and programmable parking device available and features two types of distance and proximity sensors to make sure you park just right every single time.
Park with ease no matter how small the space
 This ingenious car garage sensor is referred to simply as PARKAID and uses bright colored LED lights that change from blue to red to indicate how accurately you are parking. This eliminates the need to get out of your car to make sure you are not going to scratch anything. This also allows you to park like a professional. Parking distance from the wall can be adjusted from anywhere between a two inch space to a seventy six inch space making parking in those cramped spaces as easy as pie.

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