Before your child went to school, what did you do?
You researched about the school; its faculty, its atmosphere and so on.
Remember the first day of your kids’ kindergarten? What did you do? You waited outside worried about their wellbeing. It was their first day and you wanted to make sure that they were safe, happy, and could easily adjust to this new world.
Well, the world of internet is a lot similar to that first day at the kindergarten or the school. Each day brings a new package of surprises which has its own take on your kid’s mind. It could be good or it could bad. Imagine your kid watching an episode of an anime on the internet and next video lined up is a scene from a horror movie. A lady hanging from the tree and your kid would see her shadow and her rotten feet. This scene run a chill through your spine; imagine how terrifying that would be your sweet angel. Read More…

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