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Do you own a Shopify store and are concerned about the product visibility and want to improve the sales traffic that you are currently receiving? We know how difficult it is to maintain or run a Shopify store and get visitors to buy your products and keep the sales going.

In this article, I have discussed how you can use the Product Feed Generator on your Shopify to bring traffic and see an increase in sales as your product reaches the intended buyers that actually make a purchase.

Though there are many marketing tools that can be put to use to market your products and reach a large group of buyers however they are a “hit-or-miss” and most importantly they are too expensive.

One reliable way around is to use a Shopify SEO rank booster app using which you can boost your product pages and blogs and rank them at the top of the Google Search results so users can easily know about your product and make a purchase by visiting your product. 

This SEO tool can also help you to fix other important issues like Image Compression, 404 errors, and help to improve your SERP rankings. However to make sure your product reaches the intended buyers who actually make a purchase you need to take a different approach by optimizing Shopify Product Feeds.

What is a Shopify Product Feed?

A Shopify Product Feed or Shopping Feed is a large XML file, which updates the information about the products that are listed in your Google product feed. It is what tells people on the search engine about your active products. Shopify feed optimization is the best way to get in front of customers who are already actively looking for your product.

The primary purpose is to submit product data to shopping channels. These channels, globally, require that retailers and manufacturers submit product feeds in order to be able to list their products on the channels.

Shopify feed optimization is more than just submitting feeds to multiple shopping channels. It’s finding a way to reach new customers through innovative thinking and match them with your product. However, the process of manually adding feeds in Shopify is straining and time-consuming.

In situations where you add or remove products from your inventory you have to also make changes to your feed to avoid future problems due to older inaccurate data, you will have to make changes manually to your feed every time you make adjustments to your inventory.

As you need to do manual efforts, thanks to Shopify’s ability to add apps that help to extend the core functionality, you can now install a Product Feeds App on your store that takes care of creating and managing product feeds and makes changes to the shopping feeds as and when you many changes in your inventory.

These apps ensure that product information is always up-to-date. They save you from manual efforts and prevent human errors like a typo, improper image crops, etc. They can be quickly installed and then you can sit back and relax. In addition, these apps will do everything in their power to update your product feeds without your intervention.

This is where the need for product feeds generator aka. FeedGeni kicks in.

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How a Product Feed App can increase Product Visibility and Boost Sales?

FeedGeni’s Product Feed Generator is a Shopify google shopping feed generator that helps you to create, manage and optimize your product feeds and submit these feeds to multiple shopping channels so that your product can be displayed to the buyers who search for a related query on those channels.

Product Feed Generator by FeedGeni is a user-friendly product feed manager, which makes it easy for you to create, manage and optimize product feeds for Amazon, Google, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and 30+ Shopping channels on the internet.

Product Feed Generator supports feed generation for a lot of shopping channel attributes. It can sync price, product genre, cover images, size, color, and more to the shopping channel.

The Feeds App provides a bulk editor to keep your work manageable. It also lets you set inventory rules in case you need to quickly import products to their corresponding channels. The app has features like weight conversion(converts weight to any unit), Google Custom Label creation, Product Mapping, Title Optimization, and more.

This way the Product Feed App makes sure your products are rightly optimized to be chosen

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4 Benefits of using FeedGeni on your Shopify Store

Sync Multiple Attributes

One of the biggest challenges faced by marketers today is keeping your products up-to-date on each shopping feed manually. This tedious, time-consuming task leaves you open to countless spelling errors, which can damage your brand reputation and lower your sales.

Feed Generator automatically synchronizes all product attributes automatically without any human help.

Sell on 30+ Shopping Channels

FeedGeni is built to work with 30+ shopping channels, thus widening the scope and reaching out to buyers from all around the world that use these shopping channels.

It supports multiple shopping channels, including Amazon Channel, Google Shopping Feed, Bing Shopping, Facebook Feed, Instagram Feed, Pinterest Product Feed, Snapchat, Connexity, MyShopping, PriceMe, Pricerunner, SortPrice, and more.

Set Your Product Mapping

FeedGeni has a wide variety of useful features, including mapping products. If you want your product to be added to a specific channel, you have to map the appropriate attributes with FeedGeni’s attributes first.

FeedGeni automatically matches File Headers with Shopify Headers when installed on Shopify, but can be adjusted manually if desired. If you want to control the product titles and descriptions in your shop, this app can help you.

Set Inventory Rules

With Inventory Rules, you can keep adding fields to your Product Feed as Shopify adds them. If Shopify doesn’t allow you to add certain fields but the fields are required by your comparison shopping site, then you can add the required fields

Final Thoughts

Often, the process of deciding how to market a product can be overwhelming. This is because you first have to consider the complex relationships between each marketing element and its cost, including how each will affect performance and the bottom line.

Hopefully, you now have a greater understanding of why it’s important to get your product feed created correctly and how you FeedGeni’s Product Feed Generator can help you to bring traffic and indirectly improve sales.

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