How to Spruce Up Your Usual Shower Experience

Are you one of those who feel extremely lazy to get up in the morning and head to the shower room? Well, you are not alone. You just want to sleep as long as you can without bothering to wake up and do something else. You also don’t want to step inside the shower room and feel cold as water hits your body. If you feel this way every day, it is perhaps time for change.
Buy a new shower head

There are different types of shower heads available. You don’t have to go for a mounted shower that people commonly use. You can get a movable shower so you can take a shower in any way you wanted. There are also shower heads that are designed to make you feel like something massages your back. They are pressurized so you don’t waste a lot of water. If this is not yet going to wake you up, then perhaps you need a shower head that collects water first before pouring it on you. Instead of feeling droplets of water all over your body, you will experience a gush of water instead. The shower head is designed to collect water first and when there is enough water, you can have it poured on you. Remember the ice bucket challenge? It feels exactly like that.
Get a new shower tray

Aside from a shower head, you can also enjoy a new shower tray. You will step on it as you take a shower. As the water leaves your body, it will automatically go to the drain instead of messing your shower room floor. This makes everything easier to clean. If you have spent a lot of time cleaning your shower room, then it is not going to happen again. Shower trays are also easy to maintain. You can check out quadrant shower trays as your first options.
Enjoy a new bathtub

If you have not bought one before, it might be time for you to get it. This makes your bathing experience more exciting. You don’t have to be booked in a 5-star hotel just to experience a nice hot bath on a tub. You can do it on a daily basis. There are newer bathtub designs that will make you feel more excited to use it. For instance, you can get the circular tub where you can dip your entire body since you seem to be just standing. There are also huge circular tubs that can accommodate a lot of people. You can have your close friends come over and enjoy the tub with you.
With these new ideas to spruce up your bathing experience, you will definitely feel more excited to wake up each day and take a bath.

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