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How to Make Sure That You Are Buying an Authentic Designer Handbag?

How to Make Sure That You Are Buying an Authentic Designer Handbag

Due to massive intellectual property rights infringements and the ease of production these days, authentic designer brands have been replicated into cheaper look-alike products more than ever before. This is certainly the case when it comes to designer handbags. This means that a customer who is new to such high quality designer products and a customer who is not very discerning and just wants to buy the best of what is available, may not be able to catch the difference between an authentic designer handbag and a fake handbag. Below are some helpful tips that can be used to help a customer know how to identify an authentic handbag.

If you are buying a luxuryhandbag from a famous brand name you had better know something about the designer or the brand name that you are buying. This is very helpful because, the designers, brand names and fashion houses have taken a very long time often several years and even decades to come up with products that will meet certain expectations and design qualities. Once you have acquainted yourself with these standards and the background of the products from that particular brand, you will then begin to appreciate the cost or expense of bringing that coveted handbag to the market. You will realise that, a luxury branded handbag will never have the sense of an ordinary, cheap or tasteless handbag and furthermore you will be able to discern the quality for yourself. In fact you will be able to critique some so-called designer and branded luxury products when they do not meet standards of excellence.

If doing all the research and background checks on the designer and the brand is too much for you, then one easy way to identify a designer handbag is to look for an authenticity card that gives you some important feedback and guarantees about the handbag that you are buying.The authenticity card will often also look like a high quality card, with a logo or slogan in high quality packaging. If the handbag has an authenticity card, then the next thing you should look for is the quality workmanship used to make the handbag. This means that the stitching should be of the highest qualitywith no loose threads or mistakes visible, labels should look authentic on the handbag, straight lines should be straight lines, and curves should be curves. There shouldn’t be any spelling mistakes and the right things should be in the right place. With more and more experience buying high quality handbags, you should be able to identify these things within a few seconds of looking at a high quality handbag. Of course, one way to know whether you are buying an authentic product or not is to note where you are buying the product. If you are buying the product in a shady alley downtown, you need to be extra vigilant so that you are not conned into thinking that you are actually buying a luxury and authentic handbag, while you are instead buying a cheap knock off.

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