How To Get More Followers On Soundcloud?

In past publications we talked about the three pillars to get followers on soundcloud, on that occasion he spoke of laws, the pillars on which to build your artistic and musical personality, this time we have to roll up our sleeves because I bring a series of combat tactics to multiply your followers in soundcloud, with some easy steps. If you follow these steps in a few weeks you will get a good handful of followers and friends, it requires a little effort so read the post, get your batteries, follow the steps and get followers on soundcloud.
Start by following Soundcloud users that you are interested in.
It sounds pretty obvious but people often start following users like crazy without any criteria, this is not good, it starts with about 100 people, or at most 200. Use this group of people that you follow as the nucleus of your group, later as you are making your musical social network you will be more focused if you follow 100 people than if you follow 600.
Moreover, let’s close the circle more, among those 1000 followers choose 200 or 300 in which you are really interested and whose music is important to you. Listen to your topics, start to comment, add favorites and like, be honest, just say that you liked something that you really liked, if something you did not like just do not comment, do not like and do not add to favorites.
The basis for getting followers in Soundcloud: The LCF Routine
“Like, Comment and Favorite Routine”, this is going to be your routine and the basis of the community that you are about to create around your soundcloud account and to your name / presence as an artist.
If you’re not willing to waste time with the LCF routine, you’d better stop getting followers on soundcloud. You can not just give likes like crazy waiting for you to like them back, you should know that the number of people you can follow on soundcloud is limited, 2000 maximum, which suggests the following question; Would you be willing to settle for just 2000 (with much luck) followers on soundcloud ?, I bet you do not. It starts with several themes, not just one.
Prepare a few topics before starting your LCF routine, do not start with just one. Keep in mind that when you get a person to like you back on soundcloud it’s likely that they will go to your profile, in most cases, it’s going to be the only time you do it, so entertain your guests with a good selection of your music, you can also give some, or all the songs, remember the post of last week.
Follow who follows you.
Start making your core of fans in soundcloud from there, if someone becomes your follower on soundcloud, return the follow, little by little you will get a group of people from all over the world who will follow you, with the point in common of your love for the same kind of music.

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