How to Choose the Right Window Blinds

Indoor roller blinds, window furnishings, also sometimes called window dressing, and styling. It can be tricky to know what works best and what’s best for your needs. We’ve put together this guide to help you better understand the key differences between window blinds, to help you make an informed choice when you’re next out hunting.

Windows are the eyes of our home. They frame the view of the outside world. We automatically want to flood our homes with as much natural light as we can get. Funnily enough, once we have it we realise the real décor dilemma is actually more about controlling the light and using it to help style a room.

First, Look at what the Room Needs:

Before you start shopping for window furnishings, the functional aspects of the room need to be tackled first. It’s about assessing your room and considering the good, the bad and the ugly. Once we know what we don’t like about a room we can do something about it. Window furnishings can be used to manipulate the architecture of a room and it’s a perfect opportunity to play with texture, scale, colour, and pattern.

Roller Blinds:

The unobtrusive style of a roller blind means it can work with any decor in any room. They can also be made from a wide range of fabrics, including light-filtering, sunscreen, and, of course, block-out fabrics.

The super neat one-blind-one-fabric look creates a chic, contemporary feeling that is perfect for our Aussie lifestyle and Aussie homes. Roller blinds are budget friendly and probably the most economical solution.

Roman Blinds:

The Roman blind is a great choice if you want a slightly more decorative window treatment but don’t have space for curtains. Roman blinds form loose horizontal pleats when raised and sit modern and flat when lowered.

Their tailored look suits all windows great and small, but in particular, bedrooms love Roman blinds. That’s because you can create drama and decorative detail with different colours, textures, scale and pattern. The economical fabric requirements mean that you can potentially go top of the range on fabric selections because you don’t need meters and meters.

Venetian Blinds:

Unlike roller and Roman blinds, Venetian blinds provide an unobstructed view of the window, together with the very clever tilt privacy control lever.

The tilt control allows you to control the exact angle of the blades, which means you also control precisely where and how the light enters your room. Which is very good news if you want to offer the right level of sun protection for your other furnishings, artworks, and furniture. Venetian blinds create a relaxed, resort-style look. They are perfect for when things get hot and steamy, making them a great option for kitchens and bathrooms.

For a little more drama, throw a curtain on top of any blind and you get a more sophisticated and modern layered look. Blinds and curtains play well together.

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