Houston Dentists and Continuing Education for New Procedures

The University Of Texas School Of Dentistry in Houston is where most Houston dentistcontinues to get certificated in any new procedures and methods to bring back to their practices. This is the way to enriching the lives as well as the health of the community through better patient care.

History of school
This school was found in 1905 and was the first dental school located in Texas. The foundation was built for the quest of excellence in education.
As part of the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, the School of Dentistry’s3-part mission of education includes:
·         Patient care
·         Research to advance human health
·         Research in oral health
Continuing education for all
The School of Dentistry has a number of courses for dental professionals. Courses are available for all parts of dentistry including:
·         General dentists
·         Specialists
·         Dental hygienists
·         Dental assistants
The school only has world-renowned staff for instructors, as well as guest lecturers and clinicians in all areas of the field of dentistry.
Continuing Dental Education
The Continuing Dental Education Program is a vital component of the school and is an essential part in order to be able to carry out its mission. The school endeavors to teach an attitude of learning that is lifelong into their graduates. It has a commitment to continuing education and offers a road for:
·         Students
·         Staff
·         Faculty
·         Graduates
·         Other parts of this profession
They offer support, guidance and liaison for all clinical, basic and student research efforts. The office leads its running and maintenance of laboratories and submits and manages intra- and extramural submissions of grant.
The school’s biomedical research focuses on the craniofacial with an emphasis on:
·         Normal and abnormal development
·         Tooth agenesis
·         No syndromic oral clefts
·         Oral carcinogenesis
·         Autoimmunity
·         Mucosal immunity
·         Molecular imaging of cancer
·         Biomaterials
·         Discovery of biomarkers
·         Pathogenesis of periodontal disease
·         Tissue regeneration
This school also provides resources for the planning of clinical trials and biostatistics and offers a core facility for various types of research. They provide exceptional resources for the planning of bioethics, epidemiology and core facilities of various types. It also supports a state-of-the-art biomedical research lab.
The dentists in the Houston area do not have to go far to continue their education on all that is new in the dental field.

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