Four Tips for Packing for a Short European City Break

If you’re going away for a weekend or a few days to a European city, it can be something pretty exciting to look forward to – particularly if it is solely for leisure purposes. There’s a good chance that you would’ve booked a cheap flight through one of the low cost airlines, meaning that you’ll want to bring hand luggage only so you don’t need to pay for a suitcase to be held in the hold – this can often cost upwards of £18. Packing light is a nightmare for some of us girls, especially when you’re restricted in terms of how many toiletries you’re allowed to bring through airport security. I’ve done a number of trips to Europe’s finest cities in the past few years so there are some tips to pre-planning your travels to europe’s city .
Plan outfits around a certain item
If you’re away for a weekend, you can get away with wearing something a number of times but in different ways. Examples of this may be your favourite jeans, a comfortable shift dress or a black blazer. As long as this item is neutral you should be able to match it up with other clothes in your bag. If you’re struggling to come up with outfit concepts for the weekend, start by looking at a simple theme such as monochrome and work from there.
Analyse your cosmetics
It can be quite frustrating leaving behind some of your cosmetics when you’re travelling light, but it can be done. For example, look at the website of the hotel where you are staying and see whether shampoo and conditioner are provided; if they are you don’t need to fill up your liquids allowance with these items. See if you can find a moisturiser with a foundation built in, and instead of bringing lipstick, bring along a moisture rich lip balm. You can go from day to night with a simple application of dark eyeliner.
Consider evening wear
It’s likely that you’ll be heading out for food and drinks in the evening, so make sure to bring something suitable with you. If you’re going to need to wear your outfit more than once, try a black cocktail dress that you can make look different by wearing unique accessories. Neutral shoes such as black court shoes can help you go from day to night without changing them.
Don’t forget entertainment items
Finally, if you’re going to spending time travelling or relaxing, bring along something to read or listen to. I tend to bring my Kindle and iPhone so I can have a number of books on hand, as well as my entire digital library of music. Ask your friends for recommendations if you are stuck for ideas.

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