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Top Challenges Every Food Truck Owner Should Overcome

If you own an Orange County taco catering truck then you must know that there are some challenges you will have to face. The mobile catering industry is growing at a quick pace, especially in cities. Whilst the concept is appealing to a wide range of businessmen, the venture isn’t without its set of challenges. Here are some common challenges you should overcome if you are in this business.

Street food red tape

While it appears to be simple to start a food truck, it is more complicated than just buying a truck, making food and parking your truck somewhere for people to buy. If you are a starter, you need to know that each county, city, and state has its own regulations concerning food trucks. Owners should navigate a series of certifications and permits or be fined. Some of the most important red tapes include health department certification, a seller’s permit, food safety training, liability insurance, permits, mobile vending laws and licenses.


You cannot just park your truck wherever you wish. Some food trucks park lease the parking spots. Others want a percentage of your sales. There are waiting lists for parking lots at lunch sports, farmer’s markets, fairs, and other events. It is more than just finding a free parking lot and parking up your truck, especially if you want to park in an area with high traffic.

Never-ending grocery list

When you start a taco catering business, you should know that food trucks are made with food preparation in mind and not just bulk storage of food. This means that purchasing in bulk is impractical. Because a lot of food trucks change their locations from time to time, delivery of ingredients from vendors will be a nightmare when it comes to logistics. This leaves you and your workers shuttling food from a store to your truck daily. You could argue that it would be efficient to take your food truck to the supermarket until you come to realize that trucks use a lot of fuel.


Even if you have the most efficient systems for cooking food, if the weather does not cooperate then you will not sell anything. Your business will be at the mercy of the weather. You don’t want your customers to eat a soggy taco at a muddy place. Very few people will get rained on just to buy your taco. You can control the quality of your food but you cannot control the weather.


Having a mobile catering company does not mean that you only have to focus on the quality of food. You should also ensure that your truck is running efficiently. Trucks require gas, regular maintenance, repairs and new tires. You need to know more about automotive repairs to keep your business running smoothly.

Payment methods

If you have an orange county taco catering business, you need to know that checks are not very popular when running such a business. This means that you should accept credit cards, debit cards and cash.

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