Common Use of Steroids among Athletes

It is seen that an increasing number of athletes have been using steroids to improve themselves. No wonder that each of them is extremely fit but there is a huge competition and pressure out there. For every athlete of an organization there is a pressure of performance they hold. They need to perform well in order to stay in the industry. There is no pause button for even their late recoveries. Steroids are performance enhancing drugs that works on strength building, bulking, endurance and speeds recoveries etc.
Why are steroids used?
By the right nutrition you can achieve a certain level of fitness which can be accelerated with the help of steroids. In case of athletes the level is quite high and they often take steroids of competitions or overall performance to improve in order to get an upper hand over their opponent. This is not allowed in competitions these days as they give undue advantage to the consumer over other participants. In order to make the game fair blood tests are done. Steroids not only build body and maintain fitness but also help in speedy recoveries. In case the athlete has a match or show nearby these are used so that he can perform in the next set.

The negative side
There are many type of steroids among which anabolic steroids are common in athletes. These are used to increase endurance level and boost muscle mass and it is said that they are related to male sex hormones such as testosterone. These also possess potential risks such as kidney damage, high blood pressure, gynecomastia, heart attack and liver disease if not taken according to the advice of the doctor. There are also chances of getting HIV or Hepatitis due to unsanitary application procedure of the injection steroids.
Who have been associated with the use of steroids?
There are many known faces from different fields that have been confirmed with the use of steroids. There goes a long list of athletes busted taking Deca. Few famous names are Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jay Cutler, Rob Riches, Diego Maradona, Michael Clarke Duncan, Mike Tyson, Greg Plitt, Bruce Lee, Randy Savage, Huge Jackman, Marion Jones, Serena Williams, 50 cent, Sylvester Stallone, Tiger Woods, The Rock, and Hulk Hogan etc. The International Sports Organization bands the use of steroids completely before participating in any competition. Use of any kind of drug is prohibited in professional sports as is considered as cheating. Numerous athletes like Lance Armstrong and Marion Jones have had their achievements stripped off their career records after admitting the use of steroids.
The present condition
Though aware of the potential risks of health and prohibition in competition, steroids are not absolutely avoided by everyone. They still have a presence in these fitness fields. These are used to build themselves for competitions. The top few steroids are D-Bal, Trenorol, Decaduro, Testo-Max, Winstrol etc. These are commonly used among fitness enthusiasts and athletes in recent times as well.

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