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Chennai – A Hot Favorite Tourist Place That Has More Than 500 Attractions To Explore

Chennai is a huge cosmopolitan city and it showcases an amalgamation of  many cultures and traditions. There is a lot to explore in the city and with a nice tour package you can check out best of the Chennai tourist places. Read on to know more.

Chennai is a vibrant metropolitan and the capital city of Tamil Nadu. This Coromandel Coast city along the Bay of Bengal is unlike any other metro  of India. Its cosmopolitan culture mixed with age old traditions paints a beautiful picture of the town for any visitor who wants to take a closer look at the heritage and integrity of the country. For a tourist, Chennai is full of many surprises and delights to explore. From the nitty gritty of routine lives to the manifold perspectives of historical sites, there is a lot to discover. Chennai tourist placescannot be explored in a day or two. For a comprehensive and authentic understanding of the various colors that run through the city’s veins, you need to spend almost a week. The people are warm and welcoming and they never go out of breath talking about their city. They would proudly tell a many things about the past and the present and speak of many stories including how the Old Madras came to be known as Chennai. There is always a lot to find out in this big city, from beautiful places to historical monuments to different  cultures to traditions, religions, beliefs and some mouth-watering cuisines.

The major attractions in Chennai are as following:
  1. Marina Beach – This is the most popular tourist place in Chennai. In fact, it is the most visited spot for the residents as well. People playing cricket along the beach, vendors selling local snacks and bhelpuri, youngsters and kids enjoying kite flying, and the many people taking a stroll — all this is a visual joy that can rarely be found at any other place in India. The beach is 12 km long. Since more than a hundred years, this spot has been a favorite for picnics. Marina Beach, today, has an aquarium, a water fountain, a park, and a swimming pool. There are many important buildings that have been built along the beach side, such as the Senate House and the Ice House.
  1. Guindy Snake Park – The name itself gives out some chill, isn’t it? This adventurous place is situated in the outskirts of Chennai, at the place called Adyar,  inside the Guindy National Park. There are more than 30 species of snakes of Indian origin that can be seen here. You can spot a cobra, python, viper, etc. The park was built in 1972.
  1. Ashtalakshmi Temple – This is a popular Hindu temple situated at Elliot’s beach. This is one of the two Ashtalakshmi Temples that can be found in India. The second one is in the city of Hyderabad.
  1. Shirdi Sai Baba Temple – It is located in Mylapore near Chennai. It is also a popular
    site of religion tourism.
  1. Birla Planetarium – This is a nice recreational and educational center for all visitors. You can see into the universe and the cosmic arrangement for an enlightening experience. It is part of the Periyar Science and Technology Museum at Kotturpuram.

In addition, there are more than 500 places of attractions in Chennai and around. The best way to explore the city is by picking up from one of the best Chennai tour packagesand discover the place in a fun way.

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