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Canada Visa Rejection – Crucial Points That Applicant Miss

The rejection of a Canada visa is one of the initial concerns that any potential applicant will have in mind. There is a tremendous opportunity for skilled workers who can bring significant changes in economic growth. In 2019, the government unveiled several programs aimed at encouraging aspiring skilled workers with excellent English communication skills and the opportunity looks even brighter than before.

Crucial points that applicant miss

Resident visa temporary:  A large number of temporary resident Visas have been denied over the years. IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) provides a TRV to citizens of certain countries who trust that they should not remain in Canada until they are accepted. Visitors are referred to those who are not Canadian citizens or permanent residents of the country, but who can enter for a holiday/vacation, visiting family, or attending business meetings. Therefore, after their visa is stamped, a Visitor has a fixed period of stay. The only guarantee of the visa officer is that the applicant plans to return to the country of origin as soon as the visa expires. Failure to provide sufficient proof of your return may be a solid reason for your visa refusal. Now the question arises on how a candidate can demonstrate that he wants to return to his native country. Okay, here are some ways to reassure the authorities. These are the many forms an interested person can provide to a visa officer so that he or she can know of his or her intentions.

Presenting potential documents

  • Copy of your house or lease agreement, which indicates that you have a safe and stable place to live.
  • Need an affidavit from your parents to all members of your family living in your country, along with details to show that they are all firmly settled there.
  • Provide details of why you, too, are likely to return (especially if there is a family business or property).
  • Evidence that you are married and traveling with a spouse and children, such as copies of marriage and birth certificates.
  • Documentation of a current occupation or job is most likely to return to the aspirant.
  • Copies of the bank statement show that you are maintaining accounts in your country.
  • Applicants need documents of financial assets such as any monetary bonds.

Rejection due to only listed documents on IRCC

The applicant is required to apply as part of the Visa in the various forms, Fees, photographs, passports, bank statements and proof of financial assistance when your family or friend must bear your expenses during your stay. A copy of the return ticket if the interested candidate is traveling on a temporary visa. IRCC has made the job of a candidate for the Temporary Resident Visa Information List very simple. Candidates should note that any documents are missing or not completed as per instructions, which may lead to rejection of visa

Failure to provide proof of all your connections to home country

There are many other connections, such as property and jobs that bind an aspirant to their country. Documents such as property lease agreements have been correctly translated by a qualified interpreter or letters of employment listing your tenure appointment period and the likelihood that you will be joining back, which may result in Canadian visa rejection.

Besides, visas must be obtained from Woodbridge Overseas Consultants so that there is no delay in getting the necessary documents. While this process is not as simple, it seems that the application process can be smooth, keeping in mind the above points.

Conclusion – The process of applying for a Canadian visa is straightforward and clear, but in reality, it can be overwhelming. There is no denying the fact that the aspirant is in great need of perseverance to join a premier institution, which being told the truth requires a more significant effort to secure the student a study visa. Visa denial is not uncommon for students wishing to pursue their educational dreams abroad. Among the pioneers of tertiary education, Canada is ranked on the global map by the most educated. Canada visa consultants in Chandigarh will help you fulfill your educational dreams abroad.

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