Can Doctors Avail a Doctor Loan to Fund a Marriage?

It is a very happy day for the Khan family in Lucknow! Their daughter Tehzeeb is getting married! Mr. Sami Khan, a doctor by profession, has exhausted his savings and funds to prepare for the wedding.

However, the road still seems long. His wife suggested him availing an online personal loan to meet the demand. However, since a personal loan can only give him Rs.25 lakh, he was concerned as he needed another Rs.32 lakh.

At the same time, his doctor friend, Rahul Arora called him to enquire about the preparation. He discussed his condition to him, and Rahul suggested him availing a doctor loan which could easily give him Rs.35 lakh at a lower interest rate.

The idea clicked with him, and he availed the loan which was quickly approved, and the money was disbursed to his bank account within 24 hours.

The Khan family could not be happier they could marry off their daughter with huge pomp, show, and élan.

If you are someone like the example discussed above and is thinking whether you can avail a doctor loan to fund your daughter’s marriage, the answer is ‘Yes!’

Doctor loan to fund a marriage? Why not!

A doctor loan is nothing but an extension of a personal loan which is specially designed for respectable citizens of the society – the doctors! While a personal loan can offer you Rs.25 lakh, a doctor loan, which is still a personal loan’s extension can give you Rs.10 lakh more – Rs.35 lakh. It means that you can easily use it for funding a dream wedding for your child or for any purpose since it’s up to you to decide what you make of it.

Doctor loan is laced with enticing features to make you go Wow!

A doctor loan has amazing features, and benefits to help you easily afford and manage it over a tenor without landing in a financial soup! Have aloof!

  • You get a higher loan amount – with Rs.35 lakh available instantly, you can easily use the money to fund your multiple needs as per your convenience.
  • You get the money within 24 hours – your online application for the doctor loan is approved quickly, and you get money in your bank account within 24 hours. Thus, when you need money, you can get it without waiting for ages!
  • Flexi loan to help you relax – A flexi loan facility helps you borrow an amount from your totally sanctioned amount within a tenor for as many times as you want. The best part is that you only need to pay the interest as EMIs, and the rest part of the loan gets settled after the culmination of the doctor loan tenor.
  • Wide tenor to help you breathe – you get to avail a period ranging from 12-96 months to repay a doctor loan. It means that you can spread your EMIs easily as per your affordability and manage it without concerns.
  • Minimal documentation – doctors just need to provide basic KYC documents along with educational documents and practice certificate to become eligible for the loan.
  • Reduced rate of interest – a doctor loan won’t be a financial burden for doctors as these loans are offered on an affordable interest-rate, and you get to determine the EMIs to pay.
  • Bank on the go – online account management of your doctor loan account lets you access all loan details such as interest-rate, EMI due dates and more. It lets you take control of your loan account 24/7 from anywhere on the web!

The Bottom Line

Be it a wedding ceremony, debt consolidation, home renovation, medical emergency and more; if you are a doctor, you are free to avail a doctor loan of up to Rs.35 lakh.

If you are a doctor and have some urgent requirement for money, you now know that you can apply for a doctor loan online, and be on your way to cover your needs!

All the best!

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