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Searching For A Quick Way to Embed Surveys? Get QSM at 30% discount. Hurry!

This is the Best Time of the year to buy WordPress Products/Services. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are around the corner and the internet is filled with amazing deals on WordPress Plugins. If you are looking for a Good WordPress Survey Plugin then we have something for you! 2020 is about to end and the holidays are near! This is the time when WordPress Products owners and plugin developers list their Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals to sell a maximum of the products and gain new customers. If you are a website owner you might have thought of buying the Best WordPress Survey Plugin for your site, but eventually seeing the price tag you skipped that thought. Lucky you, we have a WordPress Survey Plugin that might interest you. It is the Quiz and Survey Master WordPress Plugin. Quiz and Survey Master (QSM) is a popular WordPress Survey Plugin that is being used by 30000+ customers. It is the #1 Survey Plugin on WordPress and has the highest 5-star ratings/reviews given to any survey plugin on WordPress. Also Read: Best Flexible WordPress Theme for your Website It is a Free Survey Plugin that lets you create highly customizable Surveys and Quizzes and store the collected data for further reporting and analysis. It is backed by 30+ Pro Addons to get the most out of the Plugin and use it like a Pro. It has Ample of Previously Created Demos of every Pro Addon to explain its application. With QSM you can create a variety of Surveys, Quizzes, and Forms. For example, Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Employee Surveys, Event Planning Survey, Event Feedback Survey, Viral Quizzes, Trivia Quizzes, Questionnaires, Online Exams, Tests, Feedback Forms, Contact Forms, and a lot more. Quiz and Survey Master is a great engagement tool for your visitors to get them involved in an informative Quiz/Survey and decrease the visitor bounce rate of your WordPress Website.

Why choose Quiz and Survey Master over other Survey Plugins?

Searching For A Quick Way to Embed Surveys? Get QSM at 30% discount. Hurry!
The Question is Why only Quiz and Survey Master and why not any other WordPress Survey Plugin? So, the answer is that Quiz and Survey Master is a Tried and Trusted by its 30000+ users and are happily using it till date. Also Read: Creating a Survey in WordPress using Quiz and Survey Master Plugin QSM offers unlimited Quiz and Survey Creation with no cap on responses, meaning you can collect as many responses you need and make the survey as long as possible according to your website needs using tons of customization all for free. You are not charged for creating surveys and storing their responses or using the collected data. Users Prefer QSM over any other plugin because of its easy to use nature and simple creation process. Soon, after installing the plugin you can choose between the various pre-defined templates and start creating your Quiz/Survey. It has 15 Question Types to perfectly frame the question as required to get the desired output. Some of its question types are Multiple Choice, Multiple Response, Fill in the blank, Slider, Checkbox, etc. using these you can create exciting quizzes and surveys and even email the final result to the users taking the Quiz and Survey. QSM’s Pro Addons lets you take the Quiz and Survey Game to a Whole New Level. Some of its Popular Addons and Integrations are Advanced Timer, Advanced Leader board, Export and Import, Logic, Reporting and Analysis, PayPal and Stripe Integration, Drip Integration, Get Response Integration, Campaign Monitor Integration, and a lot more Quiz and Survey Master Integrations and Addons.

Some of the Best Features of Quiz and Survey Master

Following are some of the Striking Features of the QSM Plugin are as follows:
  • Limit the number of questions on a single page and create unlimited pages
  • Add Timer to the Quiz/Survey to make time-based quizzes
  • Add Hints and Correct Answer Info on Result Pages to clear user doubts
  • Allot Points to each Question in the List
  • Schedule the Quiz/Survey and make it Live when specified
  • Limit the total number of entries or limit to one entry per user
  • Randomize Each Question so that every user gets a different sequence of Questions
  • Categorize each Question and Display Questions Category wise
  • Create a Leader board and Give Downloadable Certificates to users giving the responses with Free Certificate and Leader boards Addon
  • Embed the Quiz/Survey to the website’s pages or posts
  • 24×7 Professional Customer Support
Also Read: Creating a Desktop Hamburger Menu for WordPress Website The Quiz and Survey Master’s Pro Addons can be purchased at a discounted price using the Coupon Code: BF2020 between 26th November – 30th November 2020 If you are interested in more discounts and deals on other WordPress Products then you must definitely check out the Best WordPress Black Friday Deals List.

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