Best Way to Attach Labels on the Garments

Earlier, clothing labels were only an ineffective part of the garments which was used as a piece of instruction to the consumer. But, the things have surely changed now. These clothing labels became an integral part of the garment due to their edge benefit they provide to the cloth line. They play a part of instructions and suggestions which are must to maintain durability, at the same time they flaunt the name of the brand and standard in style. Also, these are the best cost effective advertisement one brand can do for itself.
Labels are of many types and everyone has its own role. But, the problem which most of the manufacturer face is in choosing the adequate adhesive to attach the labels. Here in this article we will tell about some conventional ways to execute this task.

  • Sew-on-labels

This kind of label facilitates you with opportunities to choose from various sizes and styles. These beautiful labels enhance the appearance of the garment. Also, the ways in which these labels can be attached are ample. They are designed to flaunt the name or monogram of the knitter or seamstress. Mostly people opt to sew labels on neck or the side stream; they can also choose to sew it inside the clothing. However, these labels are very costly and time taking; one has to show patience.

  • Iron- on-labels

These labels are very easy in tying as compare to sew on labels. They are the most convenient option for small scale manufacturer as these are least expensive and usually last longer than any other label. It has one very unique feature that it can be removed in a pinch and also a new label can be ironed over last one. Usually, they appear flat but different configuration could be carved.

  • Button-On Labels

These kinds of label are not much old in the industry. They are designed to attach and de-attach swiftly. It is fairly inexpensive and looks very trendy. Mostly these labels are used on girl’s dresses like tops, skirts, and shrugs. The list of pros of this label goes like they don’t itch, they are visible and can survive handful of washes.

  • Laundry Markers

Mostly this adhesive is used to attach the label on the garment. Basically, laundry marker is a permanent ink which last through many washing and quick to use. This is an inexpensive form of attaching labels which is widely used. The only con of the ink is, it can bleed in high temperature and once it happens, the strain on the garment is permanent.

  • Plastic Tags

The latest type of labels for clothes is Plastic tags. It can be attached to a hem or seam. They are edible and well within the reach of every manufacturer. It has several qualities like it does not fade which shows its durability. Also, they are resistant to high temperatures and are detachable.
Above article deals with several garment labels which are unique and unconventionally attached to clothes.

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