Benefits of Epoxy Concrete Coating Is Long and Does Not End Just at Durability

People generally do not pay attention to the flooring unless something goes wrong with it. But what most people fail to realise is that the flooring is the most used part of the building. Damages flooring can prove to be hazardous and not at all aesthetically appealing. So, it is high time that every property owner gave due attention to the flooring along with the other parts of the property. Sometimes, choosing a flooring with appealing looks is not enough. You need to ensure that the flooring you choose is durable. For this, there is epoxy concrete coating. Epoxy concrete coating is a coating that is applied over various concrete flooring types to get high performing and attractive surfaces at low costs. This coating is extremely suitable for various industrial and commercial buildings along with industrial manufacturing plants, warehouses, food and beverage plants, pharmaceutical plants, laboratories, and a lot more. The epoxy concrete coating is a way to seal off to place and avoid contamination. That is why it is also used in huge laboratories that require controlled environment.

Here Are All the Lesser Known Benefits of Epoxy Coating.

  • Offers an easy to clean surface: The epoxy concrete coating offers great finishing to the flooring and the final result is a seamless and smooth floor that feels great to the feet if you are walking barefoot. The epoxy coated floor is easy to clean. You just have to simple wipe off dirt and debris to keep it clean. This needs almost zero maintenance and there is no accumulation of dust between gaps as the flooring coated with epoxy is seamless and there are no gaps or holes.
  • Aesthetically appealing: epoxy concrete coating has a way of making dull concrete look appealing. It gives a great glossy shine to the concrete surface. The best part is that the coating is available in various colours and styles. You can pick the colour of your choice – be it a solid colour or a decorative pattern. This way, you get an attractive flooring all over your property at a low cost.
  • Chemically resistant: You may be aware of concrete being prone to getting damaged when it comes into contact of harsh chemicals. A concrete flooring is bound to have several stains with time due to the spilling of chemicals. Even constant exposure to moisture can stain it. But, epoxy coating is stain resistant and does not get damaged by any harsh chemicals. This makes it a great choice for places where usage of chemicals is high like manufacturing plants, pharmaceutical manufacturing industries, etc.
  • Safety: The epoxy concrete coating appears smooth and glossy, yet it is not easy to slip on it. The epoxy coated surface is safer to walk on as it is slip resistant. Also, this coating is heat and fire resistant to ensure that the flooring does not catch fire in case of a fire hazard. Above all, it makes the flooring highly durable and is impact resistant. It does not scratch, break or get damaged in any way due to impact of heavy or sharp things. Thus, in industries, where there are sharp cutting tools and heavy machinery, you do not have to worry about the flooring getting damaged.
  • Cost saving: You save a lot with epoxy concrete coating as this coating had to be applied directly on a concrete flooring. There is no need of having expensive tiles beneath the coating. This saves a lot of costs. Also, its durability makes it last for several years with zero maintenance costs. Thus, epoxy concrete coating is the best cost saving flooring solution.

These benefits of epoxy concrete coating make it undeniably the most preferred flooring solution.

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