Aphrodite Ancient Art Egyptian Antiquities for Sale in USA

Egypt has a rich background and history in aspect of its uniqueness. Ancient civilization and antiques pieces are actual identity of this beautiful country. Ancient Egyptian antiques are still inspiring our imagination to create something different and unusual. We all know that, Egypt has such an outstanding and glorious background and many beautiful and precious pieces were discovered during the mining in 19th century. Egyptian art is world-famous because of its delicacy and beauty. Having a piece of this beautiful art is a matter of pride itself because they are precious and expensive by nature. Egyptian antiquities for sale are now available in many stores of USA. You can have one of them by placing an order.
Precious Egyptian Antiquities for Sale USA

At present time, there are number of providers are available who sale these antique pieces at reasonable cost.Egyptian antiquities are now available in USA for sale. You can buy best and original pieces now. These antique pieces include:

Large Egyptian Stone Scarab, CIRCA 600 – 30 BC: You can buy this Egyptian stone in USA. This is a big sized Egyptian stone. It is available in such an outstanding condition. It is unbroken and you can preserve this stone for so many years. Buy this authentic stone in USA in a pocket-friendly cost.

Egyptian Wooden Sarcophagus Mask, 664 – 30 BC: This mask has so many stories behind. It is religiously crucial in Egyptian culture. It is available in USA for sale in such a fine condition. This mask has cheerful expression of the mouth that makes this figure a happy figure. Dimension of this mask is H 6 3/4 in. (17.2 cm.). Buy this mask in an affordable cost.

Roman Egyptian Gesso Mask, CIRCA 30 BC – 300 AD: A beautiful face of an Egyptian-Romano woman with loving facial features, available in USA for sale at amazing cost. Dimension of this beautiful antique piece is H. 7 1/4 in. (18.4 cm).

Egyptian Bronze Cat, CIRCA 1070 – 343 BC: An Egyptian cat structure standing on its own base is available for sale now. The dimension of the beautiful master piece is H. 3 1/8 in. (8 cm).

Egyptian Gesso Painted Wood Sarcophagus Lid, CIRCA 600 BC: With dimensions of L. 57 in. (144.8 cm.), W. 15 in. (38.1 cm) is available exclusively in USA for sale. This piece is intact and has very good condition overall.

Egyptian Upper Part of a Wooden Anthropoid Sarcophagus, 664 – 525 BC: This piece is basically the upper part of an Egyptian wooden anthropoid sarcophagus. Smiling bronze-colored mask is beautifully decorated with lots of golden and brown colors.

Egyptian Ushabti of Khonsou-Em-Renep, 1069 – 945 BC: An ushabti is a symbol of funerary figure of ancient Egypt. Normally, the size of authentic ushabti figures is small. Buy this beautifully created figure at an affordable cost in USA.

Antique pieces are for show offs. They added more social value in your status undoubtedly. If you want to add some more glorious reputation in your status by making these antique pieces as an important part of your house, office etc. These, Egyptian antiquities for sale are now available in all around the world including USA.

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