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Amazing Fish Recipes in British Cuisine

Fish is one of best forms of protein to have. It is easy to digest, and the meat is rich in vitamins like A and D. It has moderate fat and also supplies trace elements like iodine and copper. Fish is considered to be one of the better-quality foods in the food chain. Oily fish like sardines and mackerel are full of omega 3 fatty acids, which are very good nutrients.

Essence of British cuisine

British cuisine has its distinctive style. It is unfussy, with simple sauces whichdo not overpower the original flavour of food but enhance it. In recent times, the cuisine has evolved, with influences from people who have settled there from different parts of the world.

Food variety on Licious

At Licious, you can buy salmon fish online and use it for your fish and chips. Dip the fish in an all purpose batter with some pepper and salt, along with milk and eggs and deep fry it. With potato chips, this classic fish ‘n chips combo will leave everyone licking their chops.
Buy fresh fish fillets at Licious; rub them with some salt and chilli powder, pour butter over the fillets and bake for 25 minutes. When cooked keep aside; melt butter and fry some flour; stir in fresh cream and cook the sauce. Keep the fish on a serving plate and pour the sauce; a delicious fragrant dish which can be served with coriander and potatoes is ready.

With an Indian influence on the British cuisine, you cannot miss the masala fish, with all the spices like red chilli powder, turmeric, salt and a dash of lemon. Put this beauty on the grill and let it cook until done. The masala fish can be had with rice. You will definitely enjoy itsspicy flavour and creamy texture.

Put lemon juice and oil on the fish for an hour and set aside. Arrange fish on a greased grill and brush with barbeque sauce and grill close to the burning coals; you have got yourself some tasty barbequed fish.  

Advantage Licious

Licious is a website which will cater to all you meat and seafood needs. Here you can choose to buy crab meat onlineor opt to buy halal chicken online. Licious assures its customers quality products with value for the money that you pay. There are options of cold cuts and also marinated meat available which save time and energy and  gives you the option of having healthy food at home. 

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