Adjustable TPR / PP Hand Grip (Tension Range 10 – 40Kg)

Exercising is the best way to stay fit and healthy forever in your life. And there are lot of equipment available to make the exercising a way easier and comfortable that can be done at home without being into a gym.  Today we are going to talk about this adjustable TPR/PP hand grip which can be adjusted to a weight range of 10 to 40 kilograms with ease. This hand held adjustable power grip gives you the capability and freedom to do hand exercises at home and can be said to be the ultimate machine for hand and wrist exercise. It offers easy adjustment so that to suit your needs and the desired exercise, in this way it allows you to manage and increase the overall amount of resistance that your strength develops. Ergonomically sculpted plastic handles with very soft and rubberized TPR rubber is used to build the handle to ensure a very comfortable grip, no matter how long do you exercise. So if you don’t want to go to the gym and want to increase the strength of your arms then this is the recommended product for you and it’s hard to resist this great Hand grip.  You can easily get this product on gear best
Hand Grip
Features that this TDR/PP hand grip has to offer us
Reinforced plating has been done on the spring and it is of high strength because the material used is fine steel and we know how flexible and strong the fine steel is. Its design gives you the freedom to adjust the tension of the strength ranging from 10kg to 40kg, and you can do this by turning the circular rotary knob located at the front of this Adjustable TPR / PP Hand Grip. It’s simply an incredible and excellent training equipment that can be best suited to increase and provide strength to your hands with wrist and forearm as well. TPR handle has a great built quality with good elasticity and the fully rubberized body of the handle makes anti-slippery even when you sweat. The best part about this hand grip is that it is small, lightweight, exquisite and off course it offers great portability. You can keep it in your hand bag or duffle bag because of the compact size. Simply carry this hand grip in your bag and start exercising wherever and whenever you want to. This adjustable Hand Grip is exceptionally good and is Suitable for ageing people, the office goers and off course it’s a must needed thing for sports enthusiasts.


You can find a number of such products in the exercise and fitness section of the  But the product that we have mentioned above should be the first thing in your priority list because its ultra-portable, strengthens your arms and gives you the freedom to use it in a way we want. So are you going for it?

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