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7 Train Stations in India to Have the Best Food From

Train Stations in India

India is a big country and it has so many religions residing in it. So apparently, there must be various types of cuisines are around the entire country. The best taste of this various cuisine can be tasted when you are traveling in India by train. You can get to have the taste of these by delivery of foods in trains.

If you are a traveler and a food enthusiast then you must take a long train journey in India. A single journey from one place to another in this country will introduce you with various yet delicious cuisines. Here we have listed the famous stations from where you can get to taste the foods of India.

  1. Idli at Chennai

You must know that Tamil Nadu is famous for its dosa and idli, and if you have been unable to taste these famous food items, then you journey for food will stay incomplete. So you must go for idli or dosa on the Chennai railway station. You also should know that idli and dosa is available entire country vise, so you can order the same in train and enjoy the tasty foods with your family and friends.

  1. Alur dum, Kharagpur Station

Get the best and delicious pure and alur dum at Kharagpur station and you will surely forget any continental food. This very curry is made of potatoes and is cooked with various spices. So you must have a taste of the same, and make your friends and family have it too. They will surely ask for more.

  1. Pazham Pori at Ernakulam

Ernakulam is a place where you will find bananas are very famous. Pazham Pori is a kind of banana fritters. So if your train gives a halt to the station, you must have a taste of these. You will find the taste of bananas and the feel of fried food as well. Try to get this food from the train food service because that will be a healthier option for you.

  1. Onion Pakoras at Chittorgarh

Onions are known to you the thing that brings water to your eyes, but you must know that onion pakoras are very delicious food items, and they are very popular all over India. So you must have this in your food list.

  1. Lassi in Amritsar

Have this great and delicious drink in Amritsar station, and feel the best taste of the best yogurt. It will leave you with the best feeling that you will want to have it again.

  1. Ven Pongal at Guntakal Station

Have this famous food at Andhra Pradesh and you can tell your friends about the best taste of it. You must have this food item when you’re traveling to Andhra Pradesh, and you must know that this is a very healthy food as well.

  1. Fish Curry in Jamshedpur

Have this delicious fish curry at Jamshedpur station and you will certainly forget all the other fish curries you have ever tasted. This fish curry will fill up your stomach and you can always order the same on the train.

Have these above-mentioned foods while you are having a journey by train in India, and you will be unable to forget the taste and the experience.

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