5 Tips to Keep in Mind While Buying Modern Art Online

“A house without a painting is just a blank canvas without emotions and beauty.”
There couldn’t be a statement truer than this. No one likes a blank dull-looking house and due to this very reason each one of us wants to adorn our home with some colors and frames. In an attempt to make our homes a more welcoming and better place to live in, we prefer putting the trendiest paintings on its walls. In fact, everyone now-a-days fancies of adorning their spaces with a piece of modern art. But in order to buy one, most of you would have been thinking and planning of visiting a modern art gallery since quite a long time.
However, because of this busy urban lifestyle you are hardly able to take out some time even for your near and dear ones, let alone of sparing time to visit an art gallery. SO, if given a choice, what would you prefer more, paying a visit to a modern art gallery or laying in your bed while sipping some coffee on an unhurried and calm Sunday morning?
Most of you will surely, without any second thoughts, pick the latter as life is so fast paced and you hardly get any leisure time.

In that case, you should buy art online as it is the perfect alternative which is apparently being opted more for, than this bygone way of visiting a traditional brick-and-mortar modern art gallery.
Although, buying the same at the comfort of your home needs a bit of thoughtfulness and consideration as modern art pieces have many fake and printed copies in the digital market which are being sold at the price of their original counterparts. So, before diving into the amazing world of online art, have a look at the below mentioned vital points as the consideration of these will save you from the alligators masked as sellers in the virtual realm of art.

  • Buy from trusted art selling sites –

There are certain art sellers and websites which sell forged artworks and claim them to be the original piece of work.
In order to save yourself from the horror of purchasing a fake work of art, go through the history of the artwork’s ownership, check the art loss register, or consult the artists’ foundation to look for some dimensions to check if the painting is real or fake. Not paying heed to these checkpoints might land an art enthusiast like you losing lakhs and crores for something that is completely worthless.

  • Research the artist –

Modern art is a difficult subject to understand especially when one cannot understand that imagination is a value in itself. One cannot understand art, especially modern art if
Every artist reflects a certain streak of emotions through his or her paintings and when you decide to buy appealing art online, it becomes even more important to know the artist and the underlying emotions with which the artwork was created. It is always suggested that one must buy only those artworks which instill a sense of belongingness in the buyer’s mind.

  • Seek detailed answers to your questions –

Ask questions, clear even the slightest of doubts that are springing in your mind. Hesitation, laziness, if and buts should have no room in your head while you are looking to buy a work of art online.  Hence, it is highly advisable to not rush the process and take the required time to evaluate everything before committing your financial resources to an artwork.

  • Know your style –

Initially, you might find it a bit tedious and burdensome to discover your personal taste especially if you are a newbie in the arena of art. Before embarking on the journey of finding an artwork, it is extremely vital to discover one’s personal taste. This can be done by gathering some knowledge about different painting styles and artists.
If you find reading about them very time-taking then head to Pinterest or Instagram and explore through countless works of art of various painters across the globe by typing a hashtag or the name of artist you wish to see the work of.

  • Consider the color scheme of your existing décor –

It is really essential to think of the color scheme of your existing décor in order to seamlessly incorporate your new artwork perfectly in your living space.
If the principal color scheme of your room is white, then painting of any color will look perfect. But if the décor has shades of brown then investing in a warm-toned painting will make more sense. Try to narrow down your choice of painting by selecting the range of colors which will complement your décor perfectly.
Keeping the aforementioned points in mind while buying modern art online instead of buying it from a modern art gallery can save a lot of your time without compromising on the investment you made.

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