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3 types of amazing antique necklaces that are worth the investment

Victorian Jewelry

There is nothing like investing in a piece that artisans created years ago in search of a specific piece of jewelry. This may include ancient jewelry as well as antique jewelry, although more recent vintage jewelry has been particularly popular in recent years.

Despite this fact, antique necklaces are some of the most popular items. These range from items produced during the Georgian and Edwardian periods, to the more modern style of art deco. All of these items have some beautiful and unique features that set them apart from each other.

There are many different antique necklace types, many of which have proved common over the centuries. Many designs have been around for centuries, and therefore various antique jewelry can be found in the areas. Here are some of the main styles you can expect to be available from boutique and jewelry specialist retailers.

Bib necklace

The first style is the bib necklace, which is very common. Many people are very familiar with this particular design, as it is also a statement necklace of the modern era. Hanging around the neck like a bib, these necklaces are usually made of stones and beads that come together to form a vast and dramatic necklace that draws the eye.

This type of necklace can be used in various stones, colors, and textures. Some early examples can be found in the era of the Greek and Roman empires, and since then, this style has been in and out of fashion. Gems and metals certainly differ depending on the age in which the item was made.

You can expect to pay high prices for an antique version, which is still in excellent condition due to a large number of stones and the intricate design of these statement necklaces. These fantastic antique necklaces, however, can be well worth the investment and will undoubtedly maintain their value as long as they are taken care of.


The next common type is a choker, a tiny necklace worn around the neck in such a way that it can feel ‘choke’ to the wearer. This is an ancient style dating back to ancient times, such as the bib necklace.

The style was especially prevalent in the 18th century, where lace was a material often used in combination with gemstones that is usually an essential component of this design. Choker has never been out of style; it is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a piece of jewelry with a little history that will fit into today’s fashion as well.

Torsade, or ‘twister’ necklace

Finally, the torsade, or ‘twister’ necklace, is one of the most popular items of vintage antique jewelry that has enjoyed wearing for centuries. Although it is similar to a choker due to its short length, it does not look the same when worn around the throat but instead sits on the collar.

Conclusion: The design is a particularly bold antique neck style and will make a statement to be sure. Like Bib Necklace and Choker, Torsade is a style that can be both classic and modern, so if you’re looking for an antique jewelry item that you can wear today, it’s worth the investment.


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