How to Write Good Research Proposal for a Successful PhD Application

How to Write Good Research Proposal for a Successful PhD Application

The purpose of a research paper is to present your idea or question with expected answers with clarity and conciseness. Most universities require their candidates to submit a research proposal before being admitted to partake in a PhD.

The excellent research paper is very critical. One may require help with proposal writing. The below points that provide Phd assistance give the basis for writing a good research paper:

  • Word Limit

Generally, research papers should not exceed 2000 words, but it is always advisable to check with the institution on their requirements and specifications. Thus one should write in a clear and concise way to operate within the word limit.

  • Layouts And Formats

It is advisable to use a consistent format, as your research paper will portray the kind of individual you are with your tutors. However, the format used should be flexible in case there is a need to change it as you go ahead in your field of study. What is in most research papers is included below.

  • Title

The title should contain keywords that reflect your ideology and solutions to probable questions since it may change once you get accepted into the faculty. It should be more than just explaining the subject matter.

  • Supervisor details

Indicate the name and the faculty of the individual who agrees to supervise you. They will help you in writing your paper to ensure maximum chances of acceptance.

  • Proposed research method

It is where you indicate the ways of research you wish to employ. They may include field studies and data analysis.  Your research supervisor should provide adequate guidance on the methods used.

  • Aims and objectives

These act as a summary of your project. They show what you plan to achieve, be it addressing a gap in a particular field or trying to prove a specific theory. Arrange the aims and objectives in a logical manner that is easily comprehensible.

  • Synopsis

It covers the what, how and why of your paper. Too much information should not clog the outline of the article. However, it should give a  vivid description of what to expect within the writing.

  • Literature review

This section illustrates the relevant theories and texts that revolve around your paper. This section shows that intend you have a mastery of the content you plan to present. It is also in this section that you show the gaps that your project aims to fill. It shows the motivation that leads you to write your paper.
Indicate how your research adds value to existing pool of knowledge.

  • Research methods

This section indicates the methods and techniques you use to conduct your research.  It also shows the materials, equipment and theoretical frameworks involved in collecting data. Highlight the reasons for using a particular method of data acquisition, its merits and demerits. Including the limitations of your research shows that you are well versed in the field of study.

  • Scheduling

Following your methodology, you should show a clear and concise timetable indicating the duration it takes to perform different elements of the research. It will increase the feasibility of your research.

  • Resources and references

Here you indicate a list of the resources you’ll need to conduct your research. It may also include the budget required to perform the study.

  • Bibliography

Indicate a list of references that you have used in your research process.

  • Final Checks

You should endure that:

  • You number pages
  • The information provided is relevant
  • You use appropriate headings
  • The words are clear and concise
  • Conclusion

Following the above procedures, one will successfully write a research proposal. Though one may buy dissertation proposal, it pays to be able to write one by themselves.

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