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Facts You Must Know If You Are Interested To Live And Work In Canada

There are plenty of job opportunities in different citing industries in Canada. Eligible immigrants choose to work in Canada with the commitment of a fair salary and the best quality of life. Canadians believe in hard work, they are passionate and dedicated to what they do. So, if you have the adequate qualification and hope to immigrate, you should try to find a suitable job in Canada.

Canada is looking for educated individuals

Employers in Canada are considering current graduates from colleges, universities as well as trade schools who are interested in living and working in Canada, contributing to its growing economy. Canada is considered the most educated country on earth with a 99 percent literacy rate. Canada offers a variety of excellent immigration options like the provincial nominee program, designed to help skilled foreign individuals to work in Canada.

Study and career 

Canada has developed different programs including the PGWP (post-graduate work permit), helping eligible graduates who have finished their tertiary education at a DLI (designated learning institution) for working in this country up to 3 years after graduation.

High demand for tech jobs

The tech sector in Canada is making large strides. With a comprehensive list of companies to select from, searching for work in the ICT (information and communications technologies) sector must be a breeze. Canada has a rising demand for tech jobs, so they are offering experienced and highly skilled foreign tech experts to live and work in Canada.

The video game industry is also flourishing

The video game sector in Canada is a billion-dollar industry. Thousands of individuals are already associated and working in the gaming industry in Canada and it is hoped that the number will increase by 25% within the next 2 years. As a gamer, you can expect to earn a healthy salary, working in Canada at a professional level.

Fridays are casual

Casual Fridays are the norm in Canada and you can go to work on your jeans and t-shirts. On other days of the week, you must maintain professional attire. But some companies are trying to opt for a more informal dress code, so employees can wear comfortable clothes to work more regularly.

Getting lost in translation

English and French are the two main languages in Canada. Companies work with employees and clients who can speak just one of these languages or both, so it may be beneficial for you, allowing you to sharpen your language skills.

Be well-informed about the immigration process 

Canada offers a variety of visa and immigration options for helping foreign workers get work in Canada. Some occupations like in the nursing and medical sectors, IT, farming sectors, and transport are not just high in demand but also provide profitable compensation in particular provinces and territories. You must make an informed decision, contact Canada work permit consultants in Chandigarh and make sure you get success in your visa application and don’t have to wait longer to live your dream of working in Canada.

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