Will McHale – A motivational reinforce for Yale football team

A sport is not only related to the playing of a game and emerging a winner but it is more than that. It is a mixture of sensibility and team spirit which should prevail among the sportsperson when they are playing a particular game. It is related with the hard work which a person has to put up to emerge as a winner by taking his team along with them.

It can be any sports like football, hockey, baseball etc. but the main motive is to be self- motivated to achieve greater heights in this field. One such person who is experienced in this field for many years is Will McHaleand has held the prestigious position of a captain.

Personal insight into his career and life
  • Personal Information

Will McHale is born in the town of Greenwich to John and Sally McHale and is the third generation football player. His grandfather and father were also the players of the famous sports – baseball and football. Here is a peep into his personal and professional life:-
  • He has studied in the Greenwich school in his hometown.
  • He was holding the position of the linebacker in his team
  • The player has played four varsity games and has made three tackles.
  • He has graduated from the Pierson residential college with political science as a major subject.

His Career

The player has a list of honors in his professional career as he has played with many professional football teams and even leaded few of them. Some of the notable achievements are:-
  • He has earned the high roll honors during his school years.
  • During his career with All-Ivy League, he was on the eighth position in the list of Ivy defensive players.
  • In the year 2011, the player has earned Yale’s Hammer of the Year Award for the maximum hits.
  • Later in the year 2012, the player bagged another achievement by receiving Robert Gardner Anderson award for various skills presented on the field.
  • During his captaincy period, he has gained 211 career tackles and three interceptions.

Awarded the captaincy of renowned Yale football team

The Greenwich high school pass out Will McHale was made the captain of the Yale football team as the team chooses one captain in a year. It was more than the surprise for the player to head the elite group of members of Yale team. 

He was one of the first players from the Connecticut to head the team in the past 11 years and this honor was showered on him in the banquet. He was voted unanimously by the team members to head their team because of an incredible sports career, the motivation and positive reinforcement he gives to his team.

So, this passionate player shares an incredible career and is always on the forefront because of his high level intensity and great passion for the game.

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