Why Women Crave For Chocolates?

Men are more inclined towards non-vegetarian spicy food where as women love to eat sweets. This is a fact and a much-accepted phenomenon by all. Most of the chocolate manufacturing companies have played this fact well and hence most of the advertisements have women licking the melted chocolates. Chocolate is one of the sins that even the health conscious women do not think twice about. It is hardly resistible and they commit this sin more often.

Especially during chumps (menstruation period), almost 60% of the women love to eat chocolates. They say it makes them feel better and lows down the pain. Chocolates and PMS are closely related. Sometimes we say it’s the hormones that make these cravings in girls. Some people say that women with certain deficiencies crave more for chocolates during chumps. But study and research has proved that there is no deficiency or hormones playing any role and the main victim is psychology. Women through the media and advertisements have accepted the fact deeply that chocolates are their best friends. At any point of time, whether you are in stress or having a headache, chocolate work wonders for you.

“You can’t buy happiness, but can buy a chocolate.”

There are some other researchers who say that chocolate contains Magnesium and also an ability to affect neurotransmitters which play a big role in rising chocolate cravings. In the United States, women are more inclined towards chocolate than men are. But this is because of a particular culture there as well as marketing trend. They are taught repetitively that chocolates help in dealing with negative feelings and hence, they consume more.

Is Magnesium the real culprit?
Chocolates are not the only food that has so much magnesium. But neuroscience undoubtedly accepts the fact that magnesium triggers your neurotransmitters which help you feel good and loved. This situation gets frequent during hormonal imbalance.

Almost 80% of the population lacks in magnesium content. Chocolate is one of the ways but not an ideal one to supplement magnesium in the body. Chocolate does have sugar in good quantities. If we eat chocolate in bitter cocoa form, then trust me chocolate qualifies to be the best God’s creation in the world. Girls!! Fold up your sleeves and take out your laptop. Order your favorite ones online and receive the chocolates by post.

Do our brains crave more for chocolate than our body?
This can be one more reason for the cravings. Our brains may like the chocolate essence and hence it makes us intended towards it. This is just a lame thought but actually, our body releases an element known as dopamine while eating chocolate. This in turn increases the serotonin element present in the brain, which triggers the neurotransmitter (so-called mood generator in simple language) which makes happy and cheerful. It also gives us good sleep and lowers down the anxiety levels.

Chocolate may also have an ingredient of theobromine, which affects our heart rate while we consume chocolates and hence we feel high and energetic.

What is the conclusion?
Eat moderate amounts of less sweetened chocolates whenever you crave. They are no harm. Ask your hubby to bring
chocolate gift
for you tonight!

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