Why Do Young Students Prefer to Read E-Books

Ebooks are fast picking up the trend as students, avid readers all alike are preferring them over the print ones. With the progress of technology and gadgets like kindle, smart phones, tablets, ebooks are becoming easier to access and convenient at the same time for the user.
Books are the vast resource of learning and knowledge. E-books, the vast resource of these learning, is now available in India also. International book publishers in India had a booming market in the print books sector related to science, technology, literature, history,or research work of professors and academics researchers.  Now the market has become huge due to the availability of online e-books. Young students prefer to read e-books due to various reasons.
Easy to purchase
With the availability of e-books online, life has become easy for students. You need not go to a physical store and search for the required book out of thousands on the shelf. You can purchase one, sitting in the comforts of your house as per your own convenience. Even if you are staying in a village, you do not have to worry about the distance to be covered.
No time constraints
There are no fixed timings to buy the books online as compared to physical stores, where they have fixed timings with weekly holidays. You do not have to worry about the timings of the store as ebooks can be bought 24×7. The books are purchased by a few clicks by searching on the internet.
Instantly delivered
The moment you complete a buying transaction, the e-book is available for download. It can be saved to your PC, tablet, mobile, kindle etc. for instant use. Cambridge ebooks or any other ebooks carry further links to more information. It will make it easy for you to gather more knowledge when you read on.
Lightweight and portable
E-books do not have a weight as much as the printable one. Since they can be downloaded to any of the electronic devices of your choice, you can keep multiple books on your device at the same time. It will make your life easy by lessening the weight of books from your backpack and will give more space saving benefit and portability.
E-books are convenient for you as you can change the size of the font. Many e-books are interactive. They have information in the form of video, audio, and animation to make it more interesting for the reader. Whatever our brain sees or hears get registers early than what we read. Animation makes it an interesting read for young learners.
Environment friendly
E-books are eco-friendly as trees need not be cut to provide an ebook to you. If at all required, you can print them as per your requirement, as they are available in printable formats. It saves the world lot of paper and trees.
E-books are cheaper than the printed one. They do not need papers and hence saves a lot of costs. There are no packing and shipping costs involved in ebooks. Any publisher, be it textbook publisher or International book publisher in India, it is economic for them to promote online ebooks.
Many presses such as Cambridge university press, who have a forte in imparting the knowledge to students in the form of textbooks and reference books have started institutional library services. By this service, it is easier to circulate the books making it available online in flexible models. You need not buy all the books but taking a membership of these libraries helps you to get the research work and reference studies instantly available to your electronic device and handy at your disposal.

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