Why Choosing The Correct School Is So Important And, What You Should Consider Along The Way

Choosing a school for your children can seem like a daunting task, especially if you live in or are relocating to Bangkok, Thailand. You won’t have the same knowledge that you do now about school in the local area, which schools are genuinely rated highly in terms of student progression and success, which schools are best suited to your child or, what school you would like them to attend based purely on personal preference. Yes, there will be some research to do,but it will be worth it in the end.First of alI, it would be a good idea to consider your child’s learning style;

Understand your child’s learning style 

Every youngster is special in their own way, the majority of children have similar needs, but the severity of each differs from one child to the next. While some children prefer to learn on their own, others prefer group activities, or a combination of both. Parents should pay close attention to how their children absorb and retain information in order to determine which learning styles they are best suited to.

When choosing a school, you might want to consider Brighton College International School in Bangkok, a top-rated school that caters for all types of learning styles, your child is likely to favour a variety of styles rather than just one so, knowing the many sorts of learning styles will help you better understand your child’s learning preferences.

Logical Learners: such children will thrive in any subject that involves logic, reasoning, or numbers. Their favourite disciplines are computer programming, math, and science. Logical learners are incredibly effective at spotting patterns and prefer to utilise logic and reasoning. They have strong visual analysis, memory, and problem-solving skills.

Kinaesthetic learners: learn with their bodies and their sense of touch, and they have exceptional ‘physical’ memory. Physical activities and sports play an important role in their education. They have a strong desire to move and excel at sports such as running, swimming, dancing, and other physical activities. Web design can be used as a tool to teach IT skills to students.

Social learners: prefer to learn in groups and collaborate with others through effective communication, brainstorming, and discussion of ideas and concepts. They quickly pick up on other people’s behaviours and apply what they’ve learned.

Verbal Learners: such children are enthralled by diverse languages and enjoy learning when they are taught through spoken or written information. They have a large vocabulary because they enjoy learning new words and finding new ways to utilise languages creatively, and they succeed in activities that require speaking and debating. Aside from that, they’d have a well-developed memory for the material they’d read, as well as the ability to remember verbal information.

Aural Learners: have a strong affinity for sound and music, and they learn by absorbing what they hear. They usually have a wonderful sense of rhythm, so creating music or poetry is a great way for them to learn. They are also good listeners who enjoy learning from verbal displays such as lectures and speeches, and they retain detail best when they recite new information or read out loud.

Visual Learners: are children that like to learn by seeing objects and can easily envision information. Pictures, photos, diagrams, whiteboards, and visual presentations are all things they rely on. Reading and watching what others do is the best way for them to learn.

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