Who Doesn’t Like Chocolates? Give A Gift Baskets Full Of Chocolates This Season

The winter season is marked with the Valentine’s Day. The Valentine’s Day in return is marked with the exchange of Rosses and chocolates. Well, this is just an example because Valentine’s Day is not the only event where you can give chocolates to your loved ones. In fact there will hardly be any moment where chocolate gift baskets will not suit as a gift. But it is necessary to choose the best chocolate provider because when it is about the chocolate nobody likes to compromise with the taste. So, who else do you think will provide the best suited gift baskets full of chocolates at such affordable prices as Nutcracker sweets gift baskets in Toronto do? Nutcracker sweets should be trusted for giving to someone because it promises the quality. The quality and quantity both satisfies your pocket as well as the heart of the person you are giving this gift basket to. Nutcracker sweet has 35 years of experience in giving out the best of all the gift baskets. The reviews has been satisfying. The taste and price of the chocolates offered by Nutcracker sweets are appreciable. Some of the chocolaty delights are discussed below.

Chocolate Couture – Collection NOIR is a gift basket that is having a purpose to free you from the need of craving for sweet foods end for at least some days. The chocolate couture is more of a chocolate gift box and less of a chocolate gift basket. It has different chocolates that are present in the small compartment as the wider outer box has 8 other compartments inside. The three compartments are on the sides while 2 compartments are in the center of the box. This delightful and tasty chocolate couture gift basket has Milk Chocolate Rooibos Toffee Almonds, Milk Chocolate Toffee Almonds,Godiva Assorted Truffles,Milk Chocolate Matcha Toffee Almonds, Lindor Balls,Triple Treat Cranberries,Milk Chocolate Mint, and Milk Chocolate Caramels. The box can be customized as per our needs but remember that our extra efforts come up with you spending some extra money on the gift. The box can also have the name of your company or the name of the person you are planning to gift but this will charge some extra dollars. This chocolate couture basket as such has a price of $ 50.

The other chocolate delight that you can give to anyone is Sweet Surprise. It consists of a wide range of snacks that can be enjoyed both home as well as office. These eateries include Charlie and Sam’s Dark Chocolate Drizzled Sea Salt Caramel Corn,Lindt Prestige Bar Dark Chocolate,Non-Perils,Camdyn Assorted Cookie,Lindt Silver,Cookie It Up Chocolate Shortbread Cookie,Charlie and Sam’s Infusions Lindt Creation Crème Brulee Bar, Dark Toffee Almond Raspberry,Camdyn Milk Chocolate Maple Creams, Forum Chocolate Oublies wafers and Cookie It Up Salted Caramel Crunch. The items are packed in a hand woven design of basket that looks decent. The options to customize it are available but they come up with more money. If you take the gift basket, Sweet Surprise, to surprise anyone you love then it will cost you $ 65 but the money will increase as per your demands.

The designs offered at Nutcracker are professional because they are designed by our business experts. Moreover, the taste of the chocolates in our gift baskets is so fascinating and freshening that nobody will remain able to resist them ever. The chocolates gift baskets are able to make your loved ones smile. So, get one and be the reason of their smile.



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