Which Kitchen Pans Do You Really Need

When you need to declutter your kitchen or add some new cooking tools, making the right picks is very important. However, this whole process could be very tough especially because you’ll be faced with multiple options thus making it hard for you to know what to pick and what to leave.
This is very common when it comes to cooking pans since there are so many options available ranging from the best lasagna pans to the more common saucepan. This article will help you know which kitchen pans you should pick as these are absolutely essential and multi-purpose in nature. These include the following: –

Cast-Iron Skillet          

This is a must have kitchen pan and acts as the kitchen workhorse. The beauty with cast iron skillets is that they are durable and can serve different generations in your family. The pans can be used for absolutely any work you need done including cooking those recipes that need to be cooked on stovetops before being transferred to the oven. You can use it for sautéing, shallow frying or cook your delicious steaks with ease. Cast-iron skillets come in different sizes and it wouldn’t be bad to have a few in your arsenal.

Sheet pans (Rimmed baking sheets)

These pans are very essential especially when it comes to making cookies, sponge cakes, roasted veggies and jellyroll. Although there are many cheap sheet pans in the market, it would be better to spend a little bit more money especially if you are looking for durability and better roasted vegetables and cookies. Most inexpensive pieces will only burn in the bottom and are flimsy.

Nonstick Skillet (frying pan)

If you love friend and scrambled eggs, a nonstick skillet will be very essential addition for your kitchen. These pans come coated with tough lining with Teflon being the most common lining material for many brands. The pans are very convenient especially when cooking wet, sticky foods or those likely to stick to the surface when cooked in other pans. Most nonstick pans cannot be used in the oven since they come with plastic handles which are not heat-proof.

Lasagna pan

If you are a pasta or casseroles lover, then you will need to have a lasagna pan in your kitchen. The best lasagna pans will guarantee hearty baked casseroles and yummy lasagnas but for you to enjoy this, you will need to go for the right depth while at the same time considering your recipe volume. Your pan of choice should be determined by the kind of lasagna you intend to prepare.

Stainless steel skillet

You never go wrong with stainless steel pans otherwise known as frying pans. These pans are normally suitable for searing or browning meats, making sauces and sautéing vegetables. Unless you want to use nonstick skillets, these pans are normally excellent for sautéing.
With these pans available in your kitchen, you will be good to go and armed for different kinds of cooking experiences. However, you can add other pans such as glass baking pan, round cake pan and glass pie pan. A Bundt pan will also be a worthy investment.

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