What's the difference between Exercise and Physical Activity?

Exercise is a particular type of physical activity that involves premeditated, deliberate physical action that is carried out with the goal of achieving better health and fitness. Exercising in gyms, cycling, jumping, running, swimming, and games such as; tennis and golf, are all types of exercise and there are many gyms in Nashville where you can work out.
Physical activity on the other hand is characterized as an exercise that has to do with muscle contraction. Most of the actions we involve in over the course of the day that has to do with movement such as; walking, running, house chores, climbing stairs, gardening, dancing and lots more – are all types of physical activity.

How do you distinguish between Exercise and Physical Activity?

A vast majority of our day-to-day physical activities are viewed as minor to moderate in intensity. There are however, a good number of medical benefits that can only be achieved by indulging in highly intense physical activities. A good example is better cardiovascular fitness. For example, you can achieve better cardiovascular fitness by running or jogging as opposed to strolling at a relaxed pace. Also, better health isn’t simply based on the form of physical activity you indulge in, it is further dependent on how energetic and the period of time you engage in such action. That is the reason Nashville gyms instruct individuals to practice within the range of their target heart rate while performing cardio or any other exercise, to achieve a specific level of intensity.

Physical Activity and Exercise: Varying Intensity

How do you decide if an exercise is moderate or energetic in intensity? In the event that you can talk while performing this exercise, it’s of moderate intensity. If you need to take a break to steady your breathing after saying just a few words, it’s vigorous exercise. Based on your level of fitness, a doubles game of tennis would most likely be considered moderate in intensity, while a game of singles would be viewed as being more energetic. Similarly, dancing to waltz music would be considered moderate in intensity while ballet dance would be viewed as energetic. In addition, it’s not only your activity preference; it’s the amount of effort it takes.

Physical Activity and Exercise: Components of Physical Fitness

Gyms in Nashville provide people with exercise programs that incorporate certain movements intended to enhance each of these elements:

  • Cardio-respiratory endurance. Improve your respiratory capability – your capacity to partake in aerobic activity – through exercises like, jogging, fast strolling, cycling, running, swimming, paddling, cross-country skiing or hiking. As you achieve the intensity objectives or distance you set for yourself, increase them or change to another exercise to continue testing and increasing your endurance levels.
  • Muscular strength. Increasing your muscular strength can be achieved successfully by indulging in weightlifting, utilizing either weight machines or free weights such as dumbbells and barbells.
  • Muscular endurance. Increase your perseverance through calisthenics (involving conditioning workouts), exercises like, swimming or running and weight training.
  • Flexibility. Exercise to build your flexibility level by performing stretching movements that are included in your daily exercise or by indulging in any form of discipline such as Pilates or yoga that involves lots of stretching.

Although it’s easy to achieve all these fitness benefits by avoiding a sedentary lifestyle, an exercise program at one of the Nashville gyms can help you achieve even greater benefits.
Adding more physical activities to your regular daily life is a great way to start — like alighting from the bus a couple of bus-stops from your destination just to stroll a little. However, to truly accomplish fitness objectives, you’ll need to incorporate organized, energetic exercises into your daily workout program to assist you with achieving a great deal of your health and fitness objectives and these and much more are offered by gyms in Nashville area.
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