What makes Billy Raymond Thomas so Popular!

A person who is famous in his field tends to gain immense popularity. For example, when we say that Billy Raymond Thomas is a famous name in the Construction Industry, well it is because he was very fascinated with huge tall buildings, as a kid.


He always used to get amazed by the way the buildings are so big in their structure. When he was a young boy, he used to love admiring the amount of hard work that goes into the construction of the mighty buildings.


His first ever job was that of a chippy, when he was just 15 years old. But the passion for the construction work, that was flaming within, made him start his own construction projects. And since then there has been no looking back.


He started taking up individual home projects. He worked day-in and day-out very hard to finish his projects within time. He always did his projects with a personalised touch of his. Over the time he had improvised on his skills, and he went very ahead in his approach and developed his own private construction projects as well as large scale construction related jobs.


He started his own construction company known as ‘Resolve Construction’ and started to take up his own projects in 2013. He did not just leave the work of his employees, but he got involved with each project he got, as he never wanted to compromise on the quality of the building at any cost.


One important characteristic of him that makes him stand apart from the rest of the constructors is that he is a very transparent dealer and tries to keep his clients as an important part while deciding the selection of almost all features of the house to be constructed.


He is a very flexible person and is always open to new ideas and suggestions for his designs. There are very big names in the construction world, but what makes him stand out is the uniqueness and the innovative ideas, with which he designs the structures. We have many builders offering you the traditional and old-world designs, but Billy gives your home a touch of modernity with his personal touch of art.


Resolve Construction uses high-ended and ultra modern materials and techniques of constructing buildings. His team is very dedicated and he has always been supported by his Estimator Bradley. And all the teamwork is clearly seen in his designs and patterns.


When we talk about his personal life, he is a very good sports person. He is fond of playing rugby since childhood. And even after so many years, he loves to have a match with his friends on the weekend. This shows that he is very passionate and highly enthusiastic.


In his free time he loves to surf, do boating, jet skiing, and loves to go on the water every weekend.


He bought his first house and renovated it and since then he renovates each house bought by him. Currently he is working on the house bought for him and his girlfriend, Eden. He believes that there are no shortcuts to success.

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