What is MEA attestation & why it is important?

The Ministry of External Affairs or MEA attestation works h been outsourced with effect from 1st March 2012.  Thus as a result of sourcing, no document from the individual is accepted by Ministry of External Affairs counter at New Delhi. The basic role is to submit document directly to those outsourced companies. Attestation is the method of checking and authenticating of documents and declaring its legitimacy by attaching it with initials signature of the applicant. The process requires submission of original documents as well as the photocopy of the same to authorized employee. The authority and its process are differently handled by personnel work in the department. You should submit your documents, data, passport size photo to make it a complete process if attestation.
If you want to visit any country for vacation, business trip, with friends to explore the foreign location. For this, you need to apply for a VISA, and this is only can be done by the official if you have verified your documents from respective proper authority to make your documents checked and then you can proceed further. MES attestation is very crucial before making your visa checked and for further authenticity step. Following are the importance of Ministry of External Affairs:

  1.    The central importance of Ministry of External Affairs is arising out of your traveling goal to any foreign location. It is important to verify your personal details from an authority which has sole power to verify your details and ensure your authenticity to move further for applying for VISA.
  2.    It is a process which makes it easier by submitting all required documents to authority where your documents are scrutinized and then give you further information to do what next regarding traveling VISA related to any country under the proper act.
  3.    The process of authenticity is very fast and formal. There are very such companies which deliver the service as s intermediaries.
  4.    Ministry of External Affairs is helping the traveler to make their visa ready once they are verified their identity.
  5. NORKA Certificate Attestation is the center which is functioning in Thiruvananthapuram, Ernakulam, and Kozhikode under Government of Kerala for the authentication of the educational certificates of Keralites. Norka act as the launch pad in forwarding the documents to the ministry of external affairs (MEA) for obtaining Apostille attestation. It is important to make your document well verified and you can then apply for the visa in countries and can enjoy after reaching there.

Likewise, for spending and enjoying your this vacation, you can visit Gulf countries where you can visit many places, live a remarkable life. Enjoy with your family in these countries. Things to do in gulf countries: Nightclub, pub, zoos, shopping malls, beaches and luxurious to stay. Visit in UAE, KUWAIT and other countries you will like their way of perceiving life and how they are busying themselves\s in this country and manage work hours. Ministry of External Affairs is doing imperative works in this regard to make maximum credibility and deliver best drivers.

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