What is Legal and Physical Child Custody

Child custody the language that people often use to define its different and varied arrangements is the subject of debate and it is a very contentious issue in a divorce.
“Legal custody” is the custody that gives the right to the parents who are on verge of getting divorce make decisions about their child various aspects such as —things like education (public, private, or home-schooling?), medical care (braces or not?), and religious upbringing whereas “Physical custody” means to the child’s physical presence in your home, so that from time to time the parents can visit them. Both the terms are easily understood and are not controversial for the divorcing parents.
Joint and Sole Custody
In comparison to the previous two terms such as “physical” and “legal” custody the terms “sole” and “joint” is complicated.  Parents who are taking divorce generally agree to share joint legal custody so that they both have the legal right to have a say in decisions about the child, also this is the most favored decisions by the court judges as well unless the parents can’t get along at all and every decision would be a battle.  But when the judges feel that a situation of conflict the judges go for the decision in which he grants one parent sole legal custody, or sometimes will designate one parent as having the “tie-breaker” vote if there’s a disagreement.
It’s a common disbelief among the people that two parents who aren’t good at making decisions together  mean that are not serious about the child’s life, but it is not so in every case of  the child custody.
So the meaning between the lines is that though words have legal effect, as the divorcing parent with sole legal custody can overrule the other parent’s wishes, and then words become insignificant if both parents work together in uplifting the child carrier and life and then child custody attorney Fort Lauderdale comes to make your life easy.
In the physical custody, there can be some issues as well. Even if the child does not spend equal time with both the divorcing parents, the parents can share joint physical.  It very important that the legal description is for joint custody, by any how parent didn’t spend half of the time or even less than this with his/her child court still considers this. In order to know more about child custody attorney Fort Lauderdale contact our experts.

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