What do you know about roller shutters?

Roller shutters are a kind of shutter for doors or windows and this has either horizontal slats or bars or web systems which are linked together. These needs to be raised to open it and it need to be lowered in order to close it. This could either be motorized or it could be done manually.

These provide various advantages

It protects against rain and wind. It also protects windows and doors from vandals. It is also a way to burglar proof the place and it is a method of insulation. It decreases the power consumption to even 64% as they keep the heat in during winters and the sun out during summers. It protects windows against damage caused due to hail and these work as a deterrent for intruders. They offer sun protection as well as they reduce noise up to 50%. They add privacy and are best for houses which face the roads or do not want outsiders peeking into the home as well as it controls the air flow into the home

Roller shutters are used in vans, kitchens, garages, prisons, schools, warehouses and for various factories and commercial establishments.

There Are Different Types of Roller Shutters Based On The Operation:

  1. The built on roller shutter doors are those where the box of the roller shutter is attached to the exterior of the building façade
  2. Built in roller shutter doors are those where the shutter box is built above the window into the lintel
  3. Integrated roller shutters are those which have the window and the roller shutter which is integrated as one unit
  4. Roller shutter with tilting laths are those which are like external venetian blinds which tilt.
  5. Pull and push rolling shutters: these are simple roller shutters which are operated by pulling or pushing it.
  6. Manual roller shutters have a gear drive which is from the shutter roller through the façade of the building to a universal joint which is in the room side and the roller shutter is operated by cranking the winding handle
  7. Manual tape is a tape drive which is traced through the façade of the building with a pulley and it has an inertia reel which is on the room side

Electric roller shutters have a tubular motor and it can be operated automatically as well. As per the types there are Insulated roller shutters and these protect and conserve energy. They also offer protection against extreme noise and they offer high level of security as well. These are generally used in garages, storage facilities, car ports, factories, warehouses and spray paint booths

There are also Security roller shutters which are used either for homes or commercial use. They can be fitted electronically. There are fires rated roller shutters which protect against heat and offer fire integrity. This is used where there are combustible or flammable materials.

The Commercial roller shutters are usually weather and rust proof and made of galvanized steel. These are used in shop fronts and ware houses whereas Grill rolling shutters are economical and provide security to large or even small openings. These have links of steel or alloy which are on rods. These are used where with safety and protection, ventilation and visibility is needed as well.

The Industrial roller shutters have high gloss finishes and they give a very professional yet secure look. Most shopping malls have this as well as large buildings. These are flexible in design and quality. They have extra security systems to them in addition to locking bolts. These can either be mounted internally or externally.

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