Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas

Any couple that are getting married have to consider what budget they have, so to ensure your special day goes perfectly have your budget in mind while planning.

Lighting has to be used, so the white Christmas lights that can be found in many shops especially, after the festive season can be bought at a reduced cost and most importantly, they can be hung anywhere, as they are so versatile. Imagine the use of table lanterns and even a flower arranged inside of them, it can look so romantic and pretty to see on the table.
Seat covers are used to make a chair look more elegant than it is, but they can be a little expensive so this is where ribbon is used. Buying from a craft shop and ensuring it is wide enough, can create the chair from its former self to a new modern seating for any guest to sit upon.
The outside can be brought in by the use of water fountains and with the sound of the water trickling, giving the relaxing feeling to any room.  If, be placed in the appropriate place in the venue, it will be the star attraction.
Feathers are light, colourful and in-expensive to compliment any room. These can be bought in bulk and are flexible, where they go to decorate the room, with the larger feathers being used in wreaths that hang off the wall, whereas the smaller feathers can be used as table centre pieces.  The clever usages of colours have to be taken into consideration to match the theme being created for the big day.
Decorating with food is another way and especially using silver platters and jars filled with candy around the room. If, arranged just right, this will delight any guest and provide a snack at any time, when the dancing starts.The wedding reception decoration ideasare really endless, just use your imagination.

Money saving ideas.

Tablecloths can be expensive and sometimes what the customer is not looking for so by going to a craft shop and purchasing sheer fabrics that will be used for the tables and draping off the walls, is an excellent idea and also money saving, as well.
There is of course, the non-formal arrangement to the reception, so a picnic style can be set in place. This can range from simple seating which might be outdoors, if the summer season is in and with music, food and drink, it should make for a special day for any couple.
There could be the photos of the engaged couple before they got married on display, either in frames or on a slide show presentation. This is the time for all the bad photos not to be shown but if it is; grin and bear it!
If you want your guests to find the venue, wedding yard signs are a clever way to introduce yourself to the guests before they arrive. They are designed in vinyl, in any colour you like and with the photo of the couple on the front, accompanied with the images of flowers, hats and hearts; all very romantic.
Have fun with flowers! Literally, keeping the theme in mind, combinations of colours to harmonise, blend or be neutral; is your decision. They are the way to show a room off, to its best potential and image, be like an artist and be creative!
What matters the most is that the day is a happy one and a celebration of the couple, the guests are enjoying the food and drinks. When the d.j does his stuff and plays the tunes, the dancing floor will be alive with guests dancing the night away.
 The many hours of stress, phone calls, form filling plus endless night of no sleep, the decorations will blend in with the lights, as thought they were meant to, all your hard work, will have been worth it. What a wonderful day, it is going to be with plenty of memories that are treasured for a long time to come. Any couple who have gone through the preparation of a wedding will forget all the hassle that was gone through to have a truly, spectacular wedding day. The motto is to think ahead, plan and enjoy the experience of planning for the best day of your life.

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