Want a Heated Swimming Pool? Here Are Three Cost-Effective Ways to Get That

If you think that swimming pool heating is not for people living in the USA’s Sunbelt, well, you are wrong. Given the many health benefits of swimming in warm water, it’s hardly surprising that plenty of homeowners prefer their swimming pools to have a warm temperature throughout the year. They are keen on utilizing any artificial means to keep the pool temperature at the desired level but often decide to forego the luxury of a warm pool in consideration of the high costs involved in procuring an electrical heat pump.  Are you one of those southerners who love to soak in warm water and enjoy its relaxing effects on the nerves and muscles? If yes, you might have considered investing in a device that would help you keep the pool temperature at a comfortable level without affecting your utility expenditure severely. The good news is that if you live in a sun-bathed city like Tampa, there is one fabulous cost-effective way to achieve your goal— using a solar pool heating system.

You can take advantage of your area’s abundant sunlight to keep your swimming pool comfortably warm. You will just need to make a one-time investment in a heating system with a pump to move the water through large solar panels. The rest comes for free since the entire system is run by solar energy. With a year-long sunshine, a solar pool heating system will provide you the best and most cost-effective means of getting the desired warmth for your swimming pool.

Besides solar pool heating system, there are a couple of other time-tested means that you can use to heat up your swimming pool in a cost-effective manner.


Ripples and waves on pools accelerate heat loss from evaporation. Using a windscreen around the pool offers an excellent solution to this problem. To maintain the aesthetic appeal of your poolside, opt for a screen made of semitransparent material like plexiglass. These wind-deflecting walls are particularly useful for high-wind areas like Tampa. As a rule of thumb, a taller windbreak can give you better protection from the wind. However, you must check your community’s height restrictions before installing a windscreen around your swimming pool.

Pool Blankets

Did you know that evaporation is responsible for 75 percent of the heat loss from swimming pools? You can reduce your heating costs significantly by controlling the evaporative loss. Using a pool blanket is the best way to achieve this saving. A variety of options is available in the market. For example, there are some heavy-duty, motorized vinyl blankets that you can deploy and retract automatically just with the press of a switch. These lightweight pool blankets bring down evaporation to a near-zero rate and are valued for both their safety and efficiency. If you are looking for a more affordable solution, then opt for floating blankets made of thin vinyl sheets. However, if you are very particular about your pool’s appearance, then opt for a liquid blanket. Its mechanism involves creating a thick layer on the surface of the water which helps trap the heat by slowing down the rate of evaporation.

It’s not that people need swimming pool heaters only for the winters. Health-conscious homeowners prefer to swim in lukewarm water throughout the year to enjoy its calming effects on their nerves and stressed muscles. There is nothing like giving yourself a nice, warm, relaxing soak in your heated pool in the evening. Using a solar pool heating device is your best bet if you live in Tampa or other sun-bathed cities. We have also told you about other cost-effective methods that allow you to leverage the region’s abundant sunlight. Refer to our tips while making a selection. Enjoy your summer splashes.

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