Use Building Automation System (BAS) Design And Avoid Accidents

Use Building Automation System (BAS) Design And Avoid Accidents:

An effective building automation technology offers many advantages for the owners, residents, and the facilitators of the building. Many sophisticated tasks are being taken care by the BAS system apart from its most important work of maintaining the lighting system and have comfortable temperature setting along with maintaining the cost.

A trained and knowledgeable engineer shall be hired for the purpose of installing the right and the effective building control system for your building or set of buildings that come under your ownership in the same locality.

The benefits of building control systems:

From an economical point of view, the system is very cost effective as it reduces the power usage and the costs associated with it.

From the ecological viewpoint, the buildings adopting this system are greener and decrease the environmental footprints, in many significant cases.

Before the adoption of this technique, there was a need for frequent replacement of the electrical equipment but the building automation system stops the wear and tear of the instruments and warns much before about any future problems. Basically, it alerts for an oncoming issue in the equipment.

This system also benefits the personnel kept for maintenance and allows him to focus on more important tasks on his head.

The benefit to the building immigrants is that they get a secured and comfortable stay in the building. Today’s BAS is easily manageable with the help of your laptop, tablets or even a Smartphone.

A powerful tool of automation services:

The BAS controls the electrical, mechanical and plumbing system of the building where it is installed. The electrical aspects include monitoring the security system, the CCTV, the lighting, fire alarms and the building access point.

The mechanical side takes care of the boilers, fans, air handlers, chillers, and heat pumps. It also takes care of the plumbing system and water resources used therein.

The improved versions for achieving better results:

Although the new versions are user-friendly there is a need for the specialised engineer even in the beginning stages of construction of the building itself. This will greatly affect the cost of the project in a positive way and ensure that all the aspects meet the required needs.

The BAS engineer can guide the general contractor on selecting and managing the vendors or sub-contractors who play a vital role in the installation and programming of the system.

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