Tried and Tested Secrets To Pick The Best Party Wear Sarees Online

Do you often get confused how to pick the right embellished saree online to get the perfect evening look? Ever wondered how your favourite celebs manage to step out in impeccable style every single time? Well, we let you in on the secret, so that you get picture perfect looks every time!
Here we give you tried and tested secrets to help you choose the best party wear sarees online.
Style of Draping:
One of the most important criterions while choosing pure georgette sarees online is to decide on the draping style. The way you drape the six yards of ethnic wear determines your entire look. So, look for a saree that matches your draping style.
If you usually go in for a pleat less or open pallu look, then sheer fabrics like chiffon or nets are perfect. Such fabrics make you look like a diva and give you an ethereal look. If seedha pallu is more of your style, then buy embellished sarees online that have heavy embroidery work on the pallu, or you can even pick a lehenga saree.
The latest trend hitting the Bollywood circles is the inverted drape. If you have a bold style to pull off this look, then choose a saree that has a narrow border which is in total contrast to the colour of the saree.
The Material of the Saree:
The next factor you must consider when browsing through shopping portals selling printed sarees online is to check the fabric of your saree. The fabric must be suited to the occasion. For instance, fabrics like brocade and silk work well for winter parties, while fabrics like satin, chiffon, georgette and lace, work well for summer parties.
Also, your body style plays a role when choosing the fabric of the saree. Sturdy women should go in for lightweight fabrics while Petite women should choose heavier fabrics.
Get the Balance Right
Another important factor when buying pure georgette sarees online is to choose depending on the venue of the event. For formal occasions like a lunch meet or office party, don’t choose over the top sarees with heavy embellished details. Keep it simple, with a sleek, urban georgette or chiffon saree.
If the occasion is a marriage or a kitty party, silk sarees or designer sarees with plenty of embroidery and brocade work.
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Border Matters
The latest in-trend sarees lay plenty of emphasis on the borders. Party wear sarees come in a range of borders like patchwork, zari, frills and intricate laces. The trick here is to choose chic and simple borders if your sari is heavy on work. For a lightweight saree, go in for elaborate borders to highlight your look.
Saree Colour:
When it comes to the colour, choose colours that complement you. Also, the colour you choose must suit the event. Go in for cool or pastel shades for parties during the day. For evening or night parties, go in for deep shades.
Deep shades have a slimming effect and are suitable for women of all sizes and ages.
Now, that you’ve got the basics of choosing party wear sarees online, the next step is to log on, into Satya Paul, the online designer, with plenty of choices, in different styles and materials, you can effortlessly become glamorous and chic. Rock the next party like a diva and make heads turn!

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