Travelling Solo for a Manali Adventure? – Know What You Need to Do

So, you are a person in his/her mid-20s who recently finished your graduation. You want to go on a trip but none of your friends is in for one. So, what do you do? Do you drop the plan? No! There is a small window of opportunity between completion of studies and start of the corporate life. You must utilize the full potential of this window to travel, explore and find your true self before dedicating your life sitting behind a computer screen in a tiny cubicle. It is time to book a Manali tour package and go backpacking in the snow-covered woods.
Here are a few places that you can visit while backpacking in Manali as a solo wanderer.
Rohtang Pass
Rohtang pass is a beautiful place that will let you enjoy the wilderness around Manali. The trekking experience here is simply surreal. You canavail the necessary snow gear from the foothills of the mountain that allows you to trek in winters without catching a frostbite. Do not be shy to ask a few tourists around you to take some cool snaps that you can post on your social media feed.
Solang Valley
To embrace the daredevil in your heart, you can visit the Solang Valley located at a distance of only 14 km from the town of Manali. You can participate in the paragliding activities here to feel the adrenaline rush as the cool breeze of snowy air brushes across your face. Some other popular activities at Solang Valley include skiing, snowboarding as well as riding a snowmobile. You need to visit Manali during early November to truly enjoy all these activities in the plentiful snow.
If you are the introvert kind of person, Kasol is the perfect destination for you to spend a night beneath the stars wondering about the meaning of life. This place is nearly completely cut off from the modern world and allows you to enjoy in your own Fortress of Solitude. The lush green environment hosts a merry town not far from the camping sites that you can have all to yourself.
Visiting these places on your Manali tour package will allow you to take a break and evaluate the most important things in life before you take the next big step. Enjoy the fresh air and let go of yourself while you are here to truly enjoy the essence of life.

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